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Ahhh! So I finally arrived at the train station and smsed my mum I would be meeting her soon. Luckily I left home early so I wasn’t too late for our appointment.

I wore this old shirt I had that I hadn’t worn in a while! And it fit wow! Today I wore eyeliner only. That’s my default. I can’t be bothered to wear blush and eye shadow etc all the time. I dunno. Maybe I should, but usually just eyeliner and wearing nice clothes, accessories, get me good service.

We were a little lost at first, but I took a shortcut by instinct and managed to end up at the building. Lol. I dunno how I know, but I roughly know. There was no queue when we went, but after us, there was this monstrous one lol. I guess after lunch people go there. We went around at such a funny time today that we avoided a lot of queues.

We were gonna collect this! It tracks our steps. It’s a nationwide thing. So we get points from walking and we can exchange it for grocery vouchers! :D I dunno how I knew about it, but I did so we signed up and it was free! Now you have to pay $5 to sign up.

Look at our steps!!! It’s so hilarious lol. My mother and me. She walked about 2000 steps less than me on our day out. Because the way she walks is she goes straight towards a thing whereas I wander around a little. I actually found what she was looking for earlier than her cos I was just wandering around while she got caught up in something, since I wasn’t looking for anything. Haha, J and P divide is so cute.

I walked 10,000 steps today!!! :D it also has a food and drink diary, but I rather use mfp and keep my streak. I made up the rest by walking around at home. I feel really good! I think I want to keep this up.

At the end of the day, we have a difference of 2000 steps. I think because sometimes when I walk I bounce a little so maybe my steps get smaller too? I actually started out walking less than her cos my strides were big, but once we got to the shopping center I got excited, especially in the art store so I was bouncing and walking around a lot. I can’t help it. :/ it just happens. When I’m really happy I bounce. I guess as long as I don’t fall down it’s okay because it does make me lose weight tooo hahahahahaahah!

Oh oh the tracker is cool cos when you lift it up it turns on like some futuristic watch and it has the time too. There was black and blue, we both chose blue. Black is cool and easy to match, but blue is cool too. More people chose black though. But blue is younger hahahaha! It’s made of the wristband kinda material so awesome. Not waterproof but water resistant!

After collecting that we took a train and went to eat this in celebration! It’s expensive but so delicious!!! :D mixed marinade on the chicken, kimchi fries, yuzu aloe vera drink. First time we ate it! We split this so the calories is not so bad even if it’s fried and carby!

:D it was super filling! I ate so much today!
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