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I just came back from the wedding dinner! I’m so happy!!!!! :D:D:D I didn’t have to socialise a lot. Hahaha it turned out to all be my grandpa’s close family. No outside friends and THERE WERE SO MANY KIDS THERE AAHAHHAHAHA! So relaxing. The food was terrific too.

Me and my mum saw this big christmas tree there! Then we got lost a little and asked directions and ended up at the seafood restaurant.

I took bc to the fish tank and we looked at the fishes etc. I talked to her about the fish, her outfit, science - she saw frogs and frog butt at the science center recently. And she got fillings in her teeth. They’re white in colour and blended in to her teeth, so it was a bit hard to see. And I said the fish tank are like little apartment homes for the different fish and would she like to live in one? She said no cos there’s vomit in there. Which is actually the soft food or poop. And then I also said my favourite fish was the big white one because it has blue spots on it so cute. Lol. And we talked about the prawns too.

Then a little boy suddenly came with his dad! It was one of the relatives I think. And then he stood with us at first but there wasn’t enough space. So when I made sure he wasn’t in the path of the servers, the dad left!!! O_O so the little boy was standing with us staring at the fish. Then our food came. We were supposed to go back, but I was like wtf where is the little boy’s dad? LOL. A bit stuck there. So I told the little boy not bite the fish tank ledge, cos it’s dirty, and to go find his dad. And then the little boy ran off and I was a little worried about the servers bumping into him. But yeah he found his dad LOL.

I guess he’s teethin so maybe it’s a little irritating. Well, I’m glad he found his dad. Later on his dad had to sit with him to look at the fish lol.

ALL THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD. It was terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go back! Lol. Our table had an extra guy and a lot of guys so the food disappeared so fast. But other tables actually had leftovers wtf. I was so tempted to go around and get food cos I HATE wasting food. Sigh. Whatever. It was good! I wanna post food pics tomorrow I think and fish pics. Wanted to post with this blog but I think I will separate it and make it easier for me. So late at night now! But I still feel kinda excited.

Then a funny thing happened when we were leaving. There was a bubble elevator for wheelchair users and old people. It was a strange elevator since it was just to connect the first to second floor and it was exposed and transparent inside.

My grandpa went down with it. I took the stairs down along with other relatives. I joined them at the base since I can go down stairs. The relative was telling us to open the door, so that’s what we were gonna do. There were a lot of unclear labels which didn’t help matters on the door. They were more confusing than anything. So when my grandpa was coming down, I tried opening the door and it wouldn’t open. Didn’t know that would happen! Then he came down, the elevator inside touch the floor and the door opened. My grandpa came out but for some reason it wouldn’t go up again!

At first my uncle tried opening and closing the door a few times but it didn’t work! Then one of the male relatives went in, so I said, “Oh, is it weight-triggered?” but then it still didn’t go up again! There’s no buttons inside, only up and down buttons outside, and the elevator wouldn’t move at all no matter how many times they pressed the button upstairs. Which was strange.

Then a few bikers wanted to go by, so I stepped aside.

Then I went back to the side of it, staring at it again. My uncle tried opening the door open and close. But I got the feeling the connection was broken somewhere else. It’s at the door, but not at the latch where my uncle was opening and close. I looked up and saw a metal part that was visible in the seams of the door to the doorway.

I got the feeling this was it, so I raised my hand and slammed the door.

Immediately, the older relative upstairs called out, “It’s working!!!”

I pointed at the upstairs portion of the door, and said, “Latch was out!”

Then another relative behind was like, “Ah, high tech things are like that.”


I came back and thought about what happened, and I think it’s because when I stepped aside for the bikers to go by, they had a flashing red light on their bicycle. So I remembered, even the most complicated systems or piece of tech runs on electricity. If the connection is broken, it won’t work. So instinctively I knew I had to check for breaks in connection of the door, since earlier when my grandpa was coming down I couldn’t open the door. So obviously the door has eletricity and sensors running through it and it isn’t an ordinary door. So I studied where the door met the doorway and saw a little metal sticking out, which is kinda odd since you wouldn’t want that to happen and make sensors rusty I think.

I didn’t have all these steps thought out in my head though. I just knew there was a connection off somewhere, had the feeling that the metal part was the odd one out and to slam it in place. And it worked!

If you asked me at the seafood restaurant to explain everything out, about how I suddenly knew, I’ll just kinda stumble over my words a little. Cos I really don’t know! It’s just a feeling until I have time to process it. I can’t explain it in the moment, so it’s better to just show results. Because I just sound a little crazy when I try to explain something new I feel strongly about.
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