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I don't feel much shame at all in accepting a free computer. Shame and pride is only for the rich. It wasn't something I could afford growing up. My first computer was also given to us by my mum's cousin. So I will always scout for coupons, discounts, and ask for more free stuff if they give it away on the streets. As long as I'm under no obligation to give something back in return, I'll take it.

Besides, you have to be pretty shameless to think you can make it as a writer. That you have something worth saying or that people will give you money for something you create. You also have to be shameless to endure all the stares and talk your family and friends give you when they finally hear what you really want to do with your life or when you tell them you've sent something for publication. You need tough skin.

If it's an advantage or an idea you see on the road, you have to take it. Even if you're in an upscale place and looking around so much and taking photos in a supermarket make you seem like a tourist. :p

Care too much about what other people think and your art won't grow. Of course you do have to take a little into consideration if you want to survive, but otherwise, I don't see the use in shame in this case.

Ahhhh yesterday was a good day! I managed to read a lot. Still have lots to read though.

My light is hanging by my bed. It's so that I can write down ideas I get in the night. It felt a little strange without my soft toys around me last night but at least I had the light for company.

Today we have a change of plans. Going out to see the lights!!!! Turkey will be postponed to my dad's day off. :D hurrah!

I gained one kg!!!! I double checked a new food- the dumplings- and realized the calories were wrong. Same thing but different brands so it affected me. So I've rectified it and hopefully this should do the trick!

Soft toys when are you gonna dry??????? I feel weird sleeping without one. Even the prospect of naps make me feel weird. I miss my soft toys!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if we could wash them one by one but then that's a lot more work. Sigh. My Christmas wish is to get my soft toys back. I mean what if there's a house fire?

Mum: You should put your thumb drive in the drawer. If you put it outside its just going to get wet and dusty.

Me: No, I want to put it outside. It's easier to access.

Mum: What if your aunt or a stranger walks into the room and grabs it?

Me: What if there's a house fire? I need to be able to grab it quick.

Then my mum just walks out of the room, nothing to say. Lol. The last time a stranger was in my room, was never. The last time a friend or extended family in my room was years back. The last time there was a fire in my room was years back. BUT the last time there was a fire nearby was just last year! There was a fire in the block in the back and before that a fire in the block at the front. There have also been fires in this block. So the chances of a fire occurring is higher than the chance of some random person entering my room.

Also I think I need to be even more careful from now on. I think I should have a thumb drive on my keys or something to carry around with me in case there's a fire when I'm out of the house. Multiple backups is always good.
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