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Me: I think a lot of people are like us. Want to roast a turkey or go out then in the end too tired, just order pizza. Lol!!!

Mum: You think I'm lying ah? I'm not!!!! :D

Me: I know!!! Lol!!! I'm just saying a lot of people like us or else why will they order pizza so last minute? Lol!!!

If we are lucky enough to live to 70, we will have 65 Christmases that we remember.

Lol. Four hours pizza still didn't come. So we finally called to cancel since I decided to go out to buy food. In the end what happened was that the order was stuck in processing. Technology bug.

Me: He goes into the wall!

Mum: Computer bug. Do you know why they call it a computer bug?

Me: Yeah they found a bug in the computer.

Mum: Lol! Yeah how do you know?

Me: I read about it.

So I told her the bug was because her game had lines instead of the block for walls. She went to search and it was a known glitch.

She's making a game now!

Ahhhhh walking outside at 11 pm is exhilarating! I love the cool night air. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow coz I really want to see the lights. I guess even if it does we can walk inside.

I told my mum to stay home and I'll get the food cos she's showered already. I haven't washed my hair because I though we would see the lights today.

The bus stopped at the church and there are a lot of church goers.

Haha so interesting to go from an empty bus to a full one. I guess I caught them just after night service ended.

Christmas is about family. Actually all holidays are about family whether it's blood or non-blood family. I think holidays are just an excuse to get together. They're all pretty man-made right? Even something like Christmas, if you believe in Jesus, he's a man too, along with being God.

Oh lol I just bought from the kebab man and he's a Caucasian, I think Turkish cos he was singing a Turkish song.

Kebab: How many do you want, Miss?

Me: Three! :D

Kebab: Okay, three. Do you want chili?

Me: A bit!

So he starts making and singing.

Kebab: Miss, how old are you?

Me: 27! :D

Kebab: 27?! I thought you were 16!

Me: Oh! Haha! :D

Kebab: Really, I thought you were 16! You look like my niece! She's sixteen and you look like her! She's 16/17!

Me: Haha :D oh, really?

Kebab: Yeah! You look very young! Look 16!

Me: Haha! :D yeah, Asians look very young.

Kebab: Yeah, not like us Caucasians, old already, bald and with a belly. *touches head and belly*

Me: Oh haha.

Kebab: Miss, what are you? Are you divorced, married or single?

Me: Single! :D

Then he stares at me and I stare at him. Then he goes back to making food.

Kebab: Yeah, you're lucky you're Asian, you will be forever young! Even 50, also still look very young! You really look like my niece! You look exactly like her! Here's the food! Have a good day!

Lol!!!!! On the bus home I realized he was flirting with me!!!!! o_O like I think he was waiting for me to ask about him. But I don't know, is he flirting?

Mum: Wah, kebabs! Really nice!

Me: Yeah, too bad Daddy is sleeping so he can't eat.

Mum: Yeah! Thank you! I have a nice Christmas today because of you!

Me: Yeah, this is better than pizza. It's only there once in a while whereas we can eat pizza anytime!

Mum: Yeah! Mummy didn't think of it until you mentioned it. We should buy some for Papa.

Me: Yeah, buy him some tomorrow when we come back. Before we go to see the lights.

Mum: Yeah.

Me: Hm. I think he's making quite good money.

Mum: Yeah! Outside this sell $7 you know.

Me: Really?

Mum: Yes!

Me: Yeah. I think heist earn a lot, a bit of meat only and he can sell for so much. Cos this can't be cooked at home.

Mum: Yeah! He looks a bit Caucasian.

Me: Yeah!

I didn't want to tell her cos I don't know if he's flirting or not. Then if he is she might worry but then she said tomorrow we might order food from him so I thought better to let her know.

Me: Mummy, just now when I was buying kebab the man said I look very young, like I'm 16. He said I look like his niece who's 16.

Mum: Wah, he's trying to sweet talk you huh?

Me: Yeah, then he asked if I was single. So I said yes.

Mum: Then!?

Me: Then I just, erh, dunno what to do, took my food and left.

Mum: Wah, then you must feel very happy! Made your day!

Me: Haha. Nah, maybe he does that to everyone, then he has more customers!

Mum: Lol!

Erhm, well I won't mind dating him cause he's taller than me and he has muscles. I like his hands too! If I date a food seller at least I won't starve. And he owns his own business so that's very admirable. I don't know. For me I guess because my grandfather owned a coffee stall and my dad owned a good stall last time so I don't see anything wrong with selling food. Maybe it does look low class but at it's honest work. If they're clean and good at what they do I think it's very touching.

But then he pointed out his belly and I was like x_X. He was wearing black so I didn't notice it earlier.

This is why you should never point out your flaws, even in jest. Something that is glaring to you might not be obvious to others. Self-depreciation as a joke is useful only if you can then turn it into a good point or continue to point out your positive traits.

For example:

Bald and with a belly, but at least I'm taller and I save on shampoo!

(You don't know how hard it is to find someone taller than me. Lol.)

It's a bit shameless, but regardless of whether the other person thinks you're full of it, it's better for your self-esteem.

See, this is why guys should wear black and also learn how to cook! I seriously didn't notice his belly until he pointed it out. I think it was because of his black shirt.

Both guys and girls are sexy when they cook! If you're good at it, you exude confidence and grace. If you're bad at it and you can laugh mistakes off, then you're fun and charming!

But yes I have no experience in flirting so my brain is .....? Only afterwards do I realize things and cues I missed. I think if I was interested I would ask about his age etc. but I don't have that protocol in my head lol.

I think Caucasians are used to flirting so it's natural for them. Or maybe other people are? Don't know.

I guess I wouldn't mind dating a guy like him but then I keep thinking that I look like his niece and that's a little creepy. Dear guys hitting on girls, please don't liken us to your way younger family members. I know it's complimentary but erhm if you really might want to ask her out it gets a bit............. Awkward for me.

Erhm but yeah this is why I don't smile much I guess. I don't really know how to handle this. But there was food and he was making it for me so I was smiling the whole time after not eating for so many hours.

This is probably how people procreated in the past I guess. The guy has the food and attracts the girls then boom babies.

In other news! My mum solved the bug in her game but others popped out! She thanked me for buying the kebabs so she could stay home to figure it out.

Ah, Christmas. What a magical time of year!
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