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I had this really weird dream last night so I woke up and drew it out. I set my alarm clock to cook pasta for my mum when I woke up but she said I didn't have to I could do it tomorrow so I cooked eggs instead!!!

Eggs are filling and quick.

She'll be out until evening then tomorrow is her test.

I also drew the seashell and rocks I picked up though she threw them away. :<

I thought about stuff cos my mum was asking me about something yesterday do I think I will reshuffle my editing schedule a little after I'm done with this part.

Today at dinner I told my dad more people were reading my stories.

Dad: Oh, last time I worked at this science place and I would tell stories and the man there said he likes to hear me tell stories because I tell them very good.

Me: Ohhh.

I feel like I share a brain structure with my dad more than my mum sometimes. She freaks over a lot of things. But then I think sometimes I'm a bit like her too. Only a little. Or maybe not. I don't know. Lol.

My mum is going to observe at a teaching job soon!!!! :D she got what she wanted but there's still background checks to go through.

Editing is a bit tricky at the moment because there is a scene or two that doesn't fit in with the flow of the story at the moment but I'm a bit hmmmm about cutting it out. I'm trying to figure out what to do because I do like them but I might have to axe or repurpose them. It drags the story down a bit... But there are interesting dialogue inside so.... Maybe I need to set up an adoption center for each book lol. Slide the stuff somewhere else.

I found out Windows has split pages!!!!!!!! So I can have a few Pages on the screen. It's magical!

My backup drives. I sleep with the bear next to my pillow at night. It's only been one night but it's oddly comforting.

I will have to password lock the important stuff soon. See, end result of the pouch my mum did.

I tried out the sweets with my mum today. She loved them! The white ones were a bit floury. I like the pastilles. Fruit taste was super strong. Brown ones were chocolate. Yellow lemon. Pink strawberry. Purple had beetroot due in them.

Today was another productive day! I haven't exercised in so long though. Might go climb stairs tomorrow.

Ahhhhh I think my swimming passes might expire tomorrow or today though. :( I will use it if it's not.
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