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My weight went up by 2kg after that recent bout of swimming. Today it's back to normal. It was probably water weight. I drink a lot during and after swimming.

This song from the Snoopy movie came on while I was in the shower!!! So I danced to it. :D it's a super dancey song!!!!! Doesn't it make you wanna dance?

Today I wrote 2k, edited, and just finished my language learning.

Decided to come practice here actually. Nothing like practicing.

Bjørnebæe, blåbær, bringebær, jordbær, kirsebær.
Kan jeg få bær is. Deilig!!!!! Jeg som kake også!!!!!!!! Yum yum. Tusen takk, kelner!!!!! :D

Drew some stickers to catch up on the count. Tomorrow we're going to the museum!

Wow I just read finish Legend of the Chinese Dragon. It's a super cool book I will do a review on it after reading it again.

Day 322

Morning writing: 200=
Food Recording: 322=
Freeing: 176=
Writing 2k: 181=

Editing: 104=
Editing 1hr: 7=
Drawing: 110=
Languaging: 133=
Languaging 1hr: 1=

Pushuping 10: 167=
Dancing: 114=
Exercising: 174

Napping 2pm: 90
Squatting 10: 30
Cleaning: 20

After 6pm
Publishing: 70=
Reading: 200=
Reading 1hr: 296=

Choose two
Wording 3: 70=
Thanking: 68
Scripting: 26
Pianoing: 86
Teaching: 40
ProjHing: 19
Side writing: 13

Backuping: 122=
Saving: 61
Brushing 10pm: 213=
Stretching: 177
Sleeping 1am: 115

Sticker Days
Hit average: 3000/290 = 10.36


Fun Elaboration
Freeing: Fullscreen when writing
Napping: 1 hour nap before 2pm
Exercising: Walking/climb stairs r40/swimming r32/survey corps/abs.
Editing: B1P2E2
Editing 1hr: 800 hours = 1 plane ticket
Languaging 1hr: 800 hours = ?
Reading 1hr: 800 hours = 1 Sumikko
Scripting: Tempest Scene A5S1. Hamlet/Aida/LotR. Research format and dialogue
Thanking: Art of War
ProjHing: Brainstorm and Research.
Drawing: Mindmaps. Plants. Colour Pencils Technique. Colour Theory. Charcoal.
Pianoing: Chord video. Minor scales, chords. Music theory.
Saving: 1-2 June 2015, 3 Nov 2015 Done: Jul-Oct 2015

Mum schedule thing - attempt it on phone? Show her 3d.
Buy sparkling juice, cornflakes on sale, calligraphy paper
Check phone
Practice headband hairstyles
Sort out and wash make-up bag and cabinet

Mum bg concert, museums AS D AR N, hill
24 museum end AS
27 Book due 1
30 Museum talk
10 Books due 3
13 Books due 6
14 museum end AS
15 Admin Stuff W
1 May J’s W
21 May C’s W
29 museum end N
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