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Aw yeah I had this for lunch today.

So nutritious right???? lol!

Oh wow my swimming passes haven't expired. I guess the one month limit was fake? Or maybe they coded something in the system to stop it. I think I will go swimming today!!!

My dads boss gave him cornflakes!!! Like this super big bag.

No I don't know why they gave him cornflakes. All I know is that it is delicious! I better eat them before they lose their crispness.

I like putting an ice cube in the milk so it stays cold while I eat.


Oh lol I overslept yesterday and today it rained I keep sleeping a lot nowadays!!! Either it's because my period might be coming soon or it's because the book I'm writing is near the end of this section so there's more parts to consider. A bit tiring. It's like I can sleep a full nights sleep but I can nap after writing too. Zzz. Do other writers nap a lot too? I'm still feeling a little sleepy too I think I can sleep even more tonight. Kinda weird how much I sleep. Is it weird?

Anyway my mum was telling me that the poor kids in her school today got their robots late cos the company delivered it late!!!!! So irresponsible so the guy that is in charge of the class is gonna buy prizes for the kids for a robot contest even though it's not his fault but the company. So my mum was thinking of making dough for her kids by she's not sure what so I told her to make robot! And it's robot mouse so it's awesome that's what she's gonna make. Super cute and easy too. Hope the kids like it.

Like seriously the company is so fucking weird. No backup head trainer cos the guy is sick now from overwork probably and he has kidney problems too. And they don't have backup keys so the robots were locked up. Like wtf is this way to run a business? You should always assume things will go to shit and plan for it. Hopefully it won't happen but at least you got a thingsgotoshit backup plan.

Sometimes I feel very dumb and then other times I feel very smart lol.

I had nuggets and egg and spaghetti for brunch today no pics cos I was hungry lol.

Ahhhhhhhhh today was a nice rainy day. Time to edit and then read!
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