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Mum: *blah blah blah something something about tomorrow what she’s doing*… Are you unhappy that I'm not at home tomorrow? You look unhappy?

Me: No, I'm trying very hard not to listen to what you're saying. I haven't written today and you're taking up my brain space with all the extra information. You’re making me waste brain power. You can just give it to me straight.

Mum: LOL!!! Yeah yeah, sometimes my plans change too. Okay, I'll sms you from now on, okay? If you want to know where your mummy is, you just look at your phone.

Me: Yeah. :D

I think this is how the kids in Peanuts feel when the adults go on and on. Like I don’t mind when she tells me stuff in class or what. But then she gives me a whole paragraph on where she’s going to be and why. Then I have to decipher it out and summarise it in my head so I just remember the important points. It’s like real-time editing.

Haven't you played telephone? The longer your message is when you pass it, the more the message gets corrupted.

Unless it’s told in a story. :p because a story has to have a logical narrative arc. Even if the way it’s told changes, the main plot is usually about the same. Although it does get more fantastical the further away you get from the source. In our blood to make stories more exciting, like we’re on a grand adventure!

I don’t think it’s lying, more like the universe trying to make sense of life itself.

Fidelity is even better when there’s a tune involved in the story. Easy example: ABCs. I don’t think a lot of us will remember the order of the ABCs without the tune involved or without the tune playing in our head when we recall it. If I say what comes before and after J?

The tune will start in your head around J (H I J K!) or even from the beginning for some people.

Stories and tunes make the transfer of messages more accurate and quick, since it’s pretty fun to sing along and there’s a communal nature to it. Like Mary had a little lamb would be weird if the proper progression to the story is changed or the tune is changed without thought.

Mary had a little spam, little spam, little spam.
Mary had a little spam who up and died one day.

People listening will be like wtf bbq crazy nonsense? Yeah so the story and tune has to make sense.

Mum: Guess what? You know this module the teacher is new and the students are new, right? 30% of them failed!

Me: But you passed, right?

Mum: Yeah! But too bad I can't get the marks back.

Me: Just take it as a lesson learnt.

Mum: Yeah! He won't give me the extra marks cos I copy pasted it on the wrong area.

Me: I think if you failed he would have ggiven it to you.

Mum: Yeah. He said nevermind cos the cert will only reflect whether you’re competent or not, not the marks.

Me: oh well just think of it as a lesson learnt! You guys are already very lenient. For us, if you submit papers, that’s it. Even if you submit early you can't get it back to change anything. Don’t even have that possibility.

Right? So lenient. Haha my godfather said clever girl when she smsed him about it. Lol.

Hm… I think I want to transfer my woofer to my computer. But will there be space? Not enough power points too oh well.

So many things to clean for lny. :(

1. Take down toys and lights.
2. Pack away christmas tree.
3. Calligraphy designs
4. Calligraphy
5. Clean up desk.
6. Sort out drawers
7. Clean up and organise make-up bag
8. Sort through accessories drawer.

At least I did 2k today. Also have a lot of books to read.have to edit too.

I dunno if I should make spaghetti for bc when she comes. I think just eating chicken wings is not good. But I might not have time since I'll be doing a lot of other things as well.

My mum was asking me if she should cook soup that day, when we were at the supermarket buying stuff. I was like no nono don’t do extra work!!!!! We’re having extra people come this year. So it’s already a lot more work.

Lny can be very simple actually. Just have a lot of meat and drink and veg and people are happy. You don’t even need that much food since people are there for family. You really don’t have to do things too extravagantly.

Okay I will edit then do my dragon designs!!! Actually quite excited about it.

Yeah cleaning is like my bane. That’s why I try not to have too many things unless it’s those I love. And also why Levi is so awesome. Haaaaaah. I wonder if he likes cleaning or just likes seeing things clean. For me I just try to fiddle with things on my desk more often. I realise if I play with the stuff on my desk the dust doesn’t settle on them as fast or I knock it off while playing. I don’t know! :]

Man I have so many books to read. I don’t know if I can finish it before the deadline. I alsoc checked out my swimming pass today and they’re still there. the terms and conditions that they expire after a month are a lie! A good lie but a lie! Lol at least I didn’t waste money.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. The weather is getting warmer and I'm getting lethargic. I think cos I haven't exercise in a while. Well, at least my period’s ended. Haaaaaaaaaaaaah. I feel exactly like how gudetama feels. Just want to lie on an egg white and sleep. I think a bed of egg white would feel quite nice. I guess. Maybe it depends on how cooked the egg is. Like a hard boiled egg would be bouncy. But an overcooked fried egg would be rubbery. Then a water bed would be soft boiled. I bet your skin would be super smooth if you slept in all that protein…?

Okay enough blogging for today. I feel like mind is flying off. Sigh. I wish I could just daydream all day. No I have to write my daydreams down. Ah well. that’s life. Gotta get paid to daydream somehow. Haaaah. I think if I didn’t have society around I would daydream and starve to death on my bed or something. Ah well there are worse ways to go in life. Maybe.

Ok ok. To editing. Haaah. I really wanna just daydream though. Oh well. at least editing focuses my daydreaming. hmmMmmmMMmmm~~~
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