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Mum: All of our kids are not adventurous.

Me: Huh?

Mum: Like some kids you don’t need to teach them or do anything. They’ll ownself go and explore. Then they’ll play around until they learn everything.

Me: Ohhh.

Mum: Like you see the videos of the kids when they give them the computer program, they’ll go and explore and play around with it. The kids in my class, no! All of them ask me for help. If there’s any problem they’ll immediately raise their hand and ask for help.

Me: Hm, is it because of the way they were brought up?

Mum: Yeah, I think it’s because of the way they were brought up. No initiative at all! Their mind is very one-track. Like their parents will tell them go to school, then all the steps until they graduate and get a job. They don’t do anything for themselves.

Me: Ah, that’s the type of worker you’ll want for manufacturing. It’s our education system also. Because we used to be focused on manufacturing. So, what worker is the best for manufacturing? The ones that just do what you order them to, that don’t question you.

Mum: But overseas in America it’s so different! they’re the same what.

Me: They’ve moved on to a tech and information focus a long time before us. We’re only just starting out.

But yeah. You have to guide your kids that it’s okay to question things and poke around. Some will just naturally be more inclined to it, but the rest might need more encouragement. Well, unless you just want kids to follow the normal path in life, then well, I have nothing to say lol. There is merit in doing that too, since nothing catastrophic will happen. But you won't have a very high note in your life either.

But most kids are naturally curious, just that usually adults dissuade them from exploring. I mean, you just get born in the world, everything is so new, and you go around pulling on things and munching stuff etc lol.

Then again, stability is an illusion. You can easily get fired from your job anyday if something happens to the company or even to you. Dunno, I guess it depends on what your aptitude most importantly.

I was actually really good at sports when I was younger, so I was deciding which one I should pursue, sports or writing. I was thinking… okay… for sports, when I'm older, there’ll be no career prospects for me. Plus, I'm a girl. In an Asian country. There’s no way I can make a good living off sports. Especially not in the long term. If I go for team sports, my outcome will be dependent on other people’s ability too. If I go for single sports, it all depends on me. But most single sports are not lucrative for girls.

So I decided on writing since I enjoyed it at the time too. And for writing, I can write even when I'm older. There’s no limit on it. I decided it at a very young age. I think it was before the submission to the international competition which I didn’t win anything at. I was like… yeah I don’t think my writing is there yet. So I didn’t take the loss very hard. I mean it was sad but I was competing globally and that was just saying how much more I have to go so oh well.

And I mean I did read good books so it’s very clear I'm not there yet. Haaaaaaaaah.

Speaking of good books! I just read finish Spirals in Time. Waaaaah I learnt so much about seashells and molluscs and wowwwww I'm still processing what I read through, like thinking back on it. I didn’t know there were so many interesting things going on in the medical world related to shells too. It’s a really good book, though it took me a while to get through cos I'm unfamiliar with a lot of the terms.

Did you know that razor clams kinda open and close their shells so what happens is water deposits at the bottom of the sand they’re in, which turns it into quicksand? This makes it a lot easier for them to dig into the ground. Cos they did tests and it’s actually impossible for the clams to be able to dig so low into the sand due to the pressure around it. But then they found out they use this method. They might be using that to dig underwater cables for internet in future! I don’t think I explained it very well here but you get the idea. :p

I thought they were just good to eat in steam boats but now I know! Haha. No wonder they have such an interesting shape. I always did wonder why.

Anyway my mum might not have a job cos the main trainer guy went to an interview. But she says she could be attached to someone else. I hope so! Her new friends have been asking her to go to interviews since she got the license but then if she becomes a IT person for school that involves a lot of walking around.

My mum wants to meet my teacher friends to get more pointers. I think I will have to organise a time. And also encourage her to be a head trainer. I think she likes doing what she does now. She seems to have a lot of fun. I mean compared to others she does have a bit more experience than them in teaching this now. So I don’t see why she shouldn’t go for it. Pay rise too. She can do things, she’s just not very confident, which affects your ability.

Maybe I should run simulations of misbehaving kids with her? Would that help? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

1. Take down toys and lights.
2. Pack away christmas tree.
3. Wipe down toys.
4. Put away toys.
5. Calligraphy designs
6. Calligraphy
7. Clean up desk.
8. Clean up space under desk.
9. Sort out drawers
10. Sort out cupboard
11. Clean up and organise make-up bag
12. Sort through accessories drawer.

Okay I've done the first two yesterday. Today I will do calligraphy designs and maybe one of the other real cleaning tasks.

Yeah I don’t like to clean, but you just gotta turn on some nice music and get it over with lol. I don’t know if I can get everything finished by lny though. But it would be nice to try.

The christmas tree was a bit difficult to get back into the box. I had to clean up the green spike things. I think I should find a better way to store it next year when we get it out again that won't be so damaging to it.

… didn’t hit 2k today. I'm at a pivotal point so I decided to just do 1k and think over it.

I feel like eating eggs and nuggets… I think it’s the swimming yesterday.

Day 346

Morning writing: 215=
Food Recording: 346=
Freeing: 199=
Writing 2k: 190

Editing: 118
Editing 1hr: 24
Drawing: 114
Languaging: 134
Languaging 1hr: 2

Pushuping 10: 185
Dancing: 120
Exercising: 183

Napping 2pm: 94
Squatting 10: 31
Cleaning: 24

After 6pm
Publishing: 86
Reading: 214
Reading 1hr: 337

Choose two
Wording 3: 70
Thanking: 68
Scripting: 26
Pianoing: 86
Teaching: 40
ProjHing: 19
Side writing: 13

Backuping: 140
Saving: 61
Brushing 10pm: 235
Stretching: 194
Sleeping 1am: 124

Sticker Days
Hit average: 3497/330= 10.60


Fun Elaboration
Freeing: Fullscreen when writing
Editing: B1P2E2
Editing 1hr: 800 hours = 1 plane ticket
Drawing: Mindmaps. Plants. Colour Pencils Technique. Colour Theory. Charcoal.
Languaging 1hr: 800 hours = ?
Exercising: Walking/climb stairs r40/swimming r32/survey corps/abs.
Napping: 1 hour nap before 2pm
Reading 1hr: 800 hours = 1 Sumikko
Thanking: Art of War
Scripting: Tempest Scene A5S1. Hamlet/Aida/LotR. Research format and dialogue
Pianoing: Chord video. Minor scales, chords. Music theory.
ProjHing: Brainstorm and Research.
Saving: 1-2 June 2015, 3 Nov 2015, Jul-Oct 2015

Back up phones photos
Mum schedule thing - attempt it on phone? Show her 3d.
Buy sparkling juice, cornflakes on sale
Check phone
Practice headband hairstyles
Sort out and wash make-up bag and cabinet

Mum bg concert, museums AS D AR N, hill
5/6 garden
9 Uncle visiting
10 Books due 3
11 museum AS paid
13 6.30 Dinner at Grandma's CC
13 7pm meeting
13 Books due 6
14 museum end AS paid
19 7-10 pm karaoke
20 Mum course end
15 Admin Stuff W
1 May J’s W
21 May C’s W
29 museum end N
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