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Aw yeah!!! 50 stories again today!!!! I managed to nap as well. Getting used to the excitement levels plus I didn't sleep a lot last night.

Well wish me luck! I hope I have good conversations there tonight! Need to poop though. :(

Me: Does this look okay? My shirt and skirt are the same material!

Mum: Why don't I take a picture and you look?

Ok! Wah, so high tech nowadays... Eeeeeee I look fat! I don't wanna go anymore! :(

Nooo it's because I took a picture from this frame. You don't look fat, darling.

Ok ok. Never mind. Even if I look fat they can go kiss my ass if they don't like it. I am pretty because I Amy mother's daughter.

Lol so nervous!!!! First time going alone. But I m dressed up so nicely I don't think it's a problem. A bit hot cos it's long sleeve and felt. But I think I have a sporty look going. :D

I hope tonight goes okay and I don't get drugged and killed and there's nice conversation!!!!

Ahhhhhh so many people like last time. Hey it's pretty classy. I'm hiding in an equally classy toilet now. Lol I splurged and went to the handicap toilet. Feel like pooping but can't come out. Maaaan so nervous. :|

Be brave Reluctanine!!!! You can do this!!!!! :D just smile! At least I have a nice toilet to hide in. Venue looks bigger too.

Oh gosh I just crashed and burned. I'm not good at talking man how do people do small talk. o_O I miss my friends!!!!!!!!!!

A nice lady took me in and started talking to me lol.

Oh gosh… I approached two guys to talk. One of them made a joke I didn’t laugh. I slinked away as conversation died down. Then I went to a pillar to sms, then I think he tried to come talk to me. Then this nice baker lady rescued me and wow I was saved!!! I talked to a lot of people tonight. :D there was this really tall guy that stood beside me and I was too shy to turn to talk to him. Maybe I should have done so. Haha.

I ended up talking to a lot of girls tonight. There was this lady who was interested in starting to write too. She told me a lot of things about where she come from. I learnt a lot of interesting things. Wowww

I saw the nice guy K again and he had a hair cut and I kinda pulled him along into conversation lol.

I'm still shy but I'm getting better. Downside is that I was holding my bag so I couldn’t be expressive with my hands so I wasn’t as comfortable tonight until I got a drink. I should get a sling bag next time.

I'm super physical when telling stories or talking because it gives a richness to storytelling in person.

I met… a baker, food waste management machinery, international business student, sake seller, two property consultants, one who also teaches piano, so many people wow. Marketing, hair stylist, etc.. I had such a great time tonight. :D

I met a lot of girls hahahahahahah guys still kinda frighten me especially when they’re taller but I'm not attracted to shorter guys there’s my dilemma. :|

I'm wondering if I should go for the dating one. But nah, after I thought about it I think I might focus on my writing for a long while.

Like next time I go I want to be more confident in what I'm doing.

Nice Lady who is into horoscopes and is a Gemini: If I want to do something, I have to focus, I can't do this, this, and this, so I thought I would do the easiest one, writing.

Me: *haha no writing is not easy* Yeah, you have to focus early with this kind of thing. A lot of people are like wow you’re published so young. I'm like, no, its not young. I finished my first proper book when I was 11 and got my first rejection but before that I was writing compos etc. So, when people are outside playing or partying, I'm at home writing. You might say I got published young, but I sacrificed a lot to be where I am today.

Horoscope Lady: Yeah, a lot of people don’t see the hard work involved. Are your parents supportive?

Me: Sometimes they are sometimes they aren't. I can earn a lot more at other jobs.

HL: I believe that even after so many years you haven't given up that means there’s something there that is calling you. And then that you’ve been published means you have recognition for your abilities. I mean, someone read it and enjoyed it, right?

Me: Wah, yeah. I feel a lot better after hearing that.

HL: It’s like something you feel, like when the writer writes the book and then you read it and it’s exactly what you feel. Wahhh then you feel so happy.

Me: Haha yeah! :D

HL: I want to write too, but then sometimes there are so many thoughts in my head. And I can't pen them down in time. Or when I draft an email, it’s all out in my head, then when it comes time to write I don’t feel like doing it.

Me: OH. Yeah, sometimes you do get bored when you write it all out. This time of thing you have to train.

HL: Train?

Me: Yeah, train yourself to do it.

HL: Wah, you're really a writer. You keep writing things down that we’re saying.

Me: Haha, I'm scared I forget.

HL: The curry there is very good. *We’re walking to the train station*

Me: Oh, I have to remember it. Maybe bring my mum to try.

HL: Haha you keep saying you have to remember things and writing things down.

Me: Haha yeah.

Lol she thought I was 24/25 because of my behaviour haha yeah I have kind of an awkward behaviour. Oh well. I kinda accept it. All the nice ladies come and mother me today heehee :D

No boyfriend. :(

There was a nice Korean lady I talked to, and she told me about a Korean creature so I will search up on that. She says she admires creative types cos of the unrealistic thoughts we have haha.

I told her about unicorns and how one way is that they come from the Hebrew word Rimu. Then unicornus in Latin then unicorn today, and it doesn’t mean the horse with a horn, but could mean just a one-horned creature.

I like tracing history legends myths cos it helps in my writing.

I didn’t know people are so supportive of writers…. … … but then I guess they’re being nice cos they don’t have to live with me and deal with my miserly ways haha.

I learnt a lot today. I think that I will continue to learn and grow the more I go to these things. I met a lot of different people today. I think there was a guy with Asperger’s who approached me so I just talked to him nicely. Poor thing. :|

I want to publish and gain more confidence.

Nice Korean Lady: I'm trying to start writing everyday. It’s good for the mind. It helps you to focus.

Me: Oh, yeah, it’s good for your brain since it clears your neurons and strenghtens other connections from some study I read. Like for me I've been writing so long, since I was young, that if I don’t write for a day, I feel weird. It’s like not brushing my teeth at night.

KL: Wow, really? It feels like that? What do you write everyday?

Me: Yeah. I write blogs, journals, top of my usual work. That one is counted separately. If I don’t write something I just feel strange.

Even now I feel itchy not writing and just editing. But I'm trying to edit more so… I'm thinking of starting writing again. I really miss it. My own worlds and all.

I think I've had enough socialising time. I will stay at home and write some more for a few weeks.

I exchanged contacts with some people there tonight.

My mum has a few decisions to make regarding her job. I gave her leads but she doesn’t follow I can't help her.

I had a fun day today. :D
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