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Edited a lot today. Other than that nothing much exciting happened. So I wanted to talk about personal hygiene today.

Like seriously. Gosh. The other day at the meeting I was talking to this guy and his breath stunk like shit. I'm like… dude, there were breath mints at the table at the front for free. Why didn’t you take one? Do you brush your teeth?

I get it that after a work day everyone’s not at their best. All tired etc. Can't you at least eat a breath mint?

Like before I got to a meeting, this is what I do:

1. Wake up early to do my work in the morning.
2. Climb stairs so I get a rosy complexion and feel confident.
3. Make sure I'm hydrated by drinking lots of water.
4. Shower, which includes shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, soap, all left on for a few minutes to work their magic.
5. Do more work as my hair dries.
6. Take a nap before so I'm awake throughout the night.
7. Wake up with alarm clock. Have dinner.
8. Shower again, with hair pinned up, using soap and facial wash this time. Brush teeth in shower since I'm talking in close proximity to people.
9. Moisturise and apply sunblock on face.
10. My clothes have already been selected the day before so I don’t agonise over it. I've scoped out the venue to align what I wear with how casual it is. If it’s a bar in a garden, there’s more flowery and natural themes to what I wear. If it’s more upscale, I dress up more.
11. Eyelash curler, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, all done to look “natural”. I might have tweezed stray eyebrows the day before.
12. Nice-smelling moisturiser on hands because I'm shaking a lot of hands that day, maybe body.
13. Accessories which usually includes earrings, maybe scarf or necklace or watch.
14. Hair which is usually tying it up “just right” with wisps coming out.
15. Bag selected day before – need a small but adequate one.
16. Shoes selected day before – have to be more dressy than sports shoes.

Can you at least eat a breath mint?

It sounds like a lot of work, and it would be if it wasn’t built from years of experience doing everything. Though sometimes there are still snags too.

No, I don’t just roll out of bed looking ready for a party. I could, but no one would talk to me.

Everything is planned. Even the exercise I do and food I eat so things go as smoothly as possible and I don’t end up with diarrhoea that day. I didn’t pay money to go there and have people avoid me cos I'm dressed like a homeless lady. I don’t want to waste my time or other people’s.

Yes, people go there after work so they don’t look at their best. But come on, maybe pack a portable toothbrush or breath mint?

How come all the girls there look so put together and charming and the guys smell and some look -_-“”””” only the old man there looked okay. Sigh. Maybe cos he has free time? But then the girls there certainly look okay.

One guy even had a sparse goatee under his chin. Just NO. Asian guys and goatees do not go together. You just look like you have pubes on your chin.

A little scruff on the face is good. Beard is good. Provided your face can pull it off. But almost no one can pull off the pubes-on-chin look. Just don’t.

Look at your face in your mirror. Would you want to get into close talking distance with that face? Skin too oily from work? Blot it. Breath smells? Brush your teeth after dinner. Hair is greasy? Well, try other shampoos or conditioners or play around with how often you wash it, depends on the climate too. Please don’t smell.

Face covered with pimples? Are you drinking enough water? Fruits and veg? Exercising enough? Sleeping enough? You don’t have to do all that on the Friday you're going out, just the other days.

You have to make it such that girls are not repelled by your appearance first and foremost.

Every girl has definitely spent years accumulating experience on how to look “nice”. “Nice”, not even “va-va-voom”. And before events they will put in more effort. Guys don’t have to do makeup or coordinate outfit, so that’s great. You just have to make sure you don’t smell or look slovenly and wear smart casual. You can even have like a set outfit for that day you go out partying and no one will care you wear the same thing twice.

So yeah, look at yourself, then look at the girls you're aiming for. I guarantee you that even the girls you think are “beneath” you have spent more time and effort preparing to go out. Don’t expect me to talk to you for very long when your damn breath stinks.

I mean, in a worst case scenario you could drink alcohol to kill all the stinky bacteria in your mouth. Sigh.

Lol going to bars is so funny. Everyone looks boozed up and groggy and sleepy and I'm the slightly high energy one there cos I don’t drink. Yeah I know I'm lucky I get to control my schedule etc. oh well.

The horoscope lady kept prompting me to drink. I got a tonic the last time I was there and she said to add a lime and it would taste better. My mum actually drinks tonic as it so I like it too. But I tried it with a lime and it was delicious! She said it takes the same with gin added. I just nodded.

Let’s seeee. Should I harm my body with alcohol or just enjoy the drink as is? Should I risk the fact that I might blurt out some information I want to keep secret about my writing especially since you're interrogating me in a way, or should I have my sense around me?

I don’t trust anyone as far as I can throw them. Group of people in a bar, if trouble starts I want to have my senses around me and avoid it. Doesn’t have to be violent, could be a talking kind of trouble. Gossip etc. I don’t know.

Yeah haha. I don’t see the bar as a place to unwind. My home is my place to unwind and wind up and unwind again lol. Bar is to gather information. Oh well what can you do?

I might look relaxed but nah, inside my mind is whirring away to keep conversation flowing. Lol. :p

Day 382

Waking 9am: 6
Food Recording: 382=

Freeing: 231=
Morning editing: 244=
Editing: 140=
Editing 2k: 192
Editing 1hr: 46

Drawing: 120
Languaging: 138
Languaging 1hr: 5

Pushuping 10: 213=
Dancing: 132=
Exercising: 211

Napping 2pm: 103
Squatting 10: 31
Cleaning: 42

After 6pm
Publishing: 89
Reading: 232
Reading 1hr: 369

Choose two
Wording 3: 70
Thanking: 68
Scripting: 26
Pianoing: 86
Teaching: 40
ProjHing: 19
Side writing: 13

Backuping: 159
Saving: 61
Brushing 10pm: 263
Stretching: 212
Sleeping 1am: 137

Sticker Days
Hit average: 3846/360= 10.68


Fun Elaboration
Freeing: Fullscreen when writing
Editing: B1P2E2
Editing 1hr: 800 hours = 1 plane ticket
Drawing: Mindmaps. Plants. Colour Pencils Technique. Colour Theory. Charcoal.
Languaging 1hr: 800 hours = ?
Exercising: Walking/climb stairs r50/swimming r32/survey corps/abs.
Napping: 1 hour nap before 2pm
Reading 1hr: 800 hours = 1 Sumikko
Thanking: Art of War
Scripting: Tempest Scene A5S1. Hamlet/Aida/LotR. Research format and dialogue
Pianoing: Chord video. Minor scales, chords. Music theory.
ProjHing: Brainstorm and Research.
Saving: 1-2 June 2015, 3 Nov 2015, Jul-Oct 2015

Back up phones photos
Mum schedule thing - attempt it on phone? Show her 3d.
Buy cornflakes on sale
Check phone
Practice headband hairstyles
Sort out and wash make-up bag and cabinet

Mum bg concert, museums AS D AR N, hill
March gallery NG at P, OP gallery
11 meeting
12 AS perm museum start
20 3pm-530 family high tea
20 Mum course end
25 meet C for w plans
26 possible hiking weekend or w plans
26 otherwise meeting
1 7 Books due
15 Admin Stuff W
23 AS museum start
30 P museum end
1 J’s W
21 C’s W
29 N museum end
14 AS museum end
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