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Waaaaaaaah! I failed to wake up early today. I set the alarm and then I slept through it. =/ so I didn’t walk with my mum today.

It’s okay. I know where the problem is. I slept too late last night/this morning.

So, my goal for tonight is to sleep early! Well, at least I tried and set the alarm lol. Humans need adequate sleep man.

It’s raining now! I think, with my schedule, I will try to swim early in the week in case it rains. Swimming early also means lesser people. And ooo schedule is much prettier now. :D so basically some of the days are interchangeable in a way. If I'm on a light period and no cramps I'll climb stairs or walk or something.

Zzzz I slammed into the pillar at home cos I was watching the tv in the living room. :( It’s okay, my boobs cushioned the impact. I bet if I was a guy it’s more painful.

A bit sleepy today cos I played too much game! Just recently downloaded cooking dash and it’s super addicting!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh where did the day go… haha today was such a slacky day. Oh well once in a while it’s fine. I will take today as gearing up for tomorrow. I will go over my schedule once more and sleep early tonight so tomorrow will be a good day!

I might need more time for sleep.. or I could have more naps. We shall see! :D
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