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Got bored and decided to go on omegle last night.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
Sex or Love
Stranger: Love
You: of course!
You: You can buy sex, but you can't buy love!
You: It's more precious.
Stranger: Wow
Stranger: Nice
You: Right? Who would choose sex over love?
You: I mean, you could, but you would feel empty inside.
Stranger: May be an asshole
You: [Probably.
You: Some guys might choose it I think
You: All you need is love~
Stranger: Surely some assholes
Stranger: Yeah
Stranger: M or f??
You: F
You: you?
Stranger: Hmm male here
You: Cool. Surprised you chose love haha
Stranger: I love that when u said Sex can be bought but love can't
You: It's true!!!! :D
Stranger: Yeah
You: Sex is actually really cheap in the world.
Stranger: I totally agree
You: There's even sex tourism where people go overseas to have sex
Stranger: Not that much after it has limits
You: But there's not enough love or else we won't be fighting wars still
Stranger: Some assholes are everytime busy in sex
You: True. I mean, yes, sex is an important part of love, but it's not all!
Stranger: Yeah
Stranger: Love always wins over sex
You: I hope so!
You: In my ideal world :D
Stranger: Mine too
Stranger: Actually its ours
You: :D I hope so!
You: I think a lot of guys search for sex when what they really want is love.
You: Just that it's so mushy to say it haha
Stranger: Yeah!!
You: IF you say it out, it sounds not macho lol
You: Whereas girls are like loooove~
Stranger: Their are less guys who love "Love"
Stranger: Mostly guys love sex
Stranger: Thats why porn sites are rising in profits
You: Seems that way. And the guys that love sex seem more aggressive to me, so they end up partnering up with a lot of girls.
You: Yeah true. Sex sells.
Stranger: Yeah
You: And then some girls that are actually after love get their hearts broken. :(
Stranger: Yeah mostly
You: I think it also happens the other way too though. Guys get their hearts broken, but maybe not as often
Stranger: I had a girlfriend with her heart broken :( I tried to make her heart like new but failed
You: Oh shiiit. That's tough.
You: You can't make her heart new again. She has to heal herself.
Stranger: I am like that guy
Stranger: I tried that too
You: Didn't work? :(
Stranger: Suggested her many ways but she don't want to
Stranger: I think
You: When you're scarred once, it's hard to love again.
Stranger: Anyways... It was past now she is with a new one and broked my heart :( ;__;
You: Aw, well, the girl you knew in the past is gone, sad to say. The person with someone new is another girl since you haven't been close to her.
You: I'm sure you'll find someone for you one day
Stranger: Yeah I wish the same too
You: Okay, nice chatting to you. I'll go chat with someone else now. :D
Stranger: Just want to become successful now :).... HEADING TOWARDS A NEW LIFE NOW
Stranger: Same here.... Bye have a gud day
You: Go for it!! :D

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
What do i do when my love is telling me to do not wear pounds of make up but w/o it my face is disgusting? 😔
You: Hm, well, have you tried diet and exercise?
Stranger: trust him
You: That usually improves your skin. Sleeping and drinking enough water helps too.
Stranger: then see what he says
You: I know you'll always have insecurities with regards to your skin, but if you can improve it, you'll feel better.
You: more makeup clogs up your pores too, dear.
You: I have clear skin. Here's what I do:
Stranger: holy hell
Stranger: are you a fucking granma
You: Eat fruits and vegetables, exercise, wash your face before sleep each night to get all the dirt off
Stranger: better answer or im out
You: HAHA 27
You: I could be a grandma if I had kids lol
Stranger: you talk like one
You: I'm just trying to help her
You: just cos I said dear?
Stranger: yeah
You: LOL cos she sounds sad
You: and younger than me
Stranger: lol
Stranger: im 27 too btw
You: oh cool ahhahaha
You: Nah, she just sounds really sad and I know what it's like to be insecure about skin
You: I had pimples as a teenager
Stranger: nobody should be insecure
Stranger: me too
You: don't squeeze them!!! they'll scar your face.
Stranger: and you know what
Stranger: being insecure only makes it worse
You: yeah that's true. the best makeup on a girl is a smile.
Stranger: true

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
I have solved the issue that everyone goes to different weights: everyone work out every square inch of your body every day. Fat people need to work harder on a cube function because volume!
You: LOL Calories in and calories out
You: That's the maths you need
Stranger: well there is no problem how much someone eat as long as she also have time to exercise

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
I have turned Athiest, how can i fit in with god-believers?
You: Hm, just don't antagonise people and you'll get along with all sorts.
Stranger: Turn to christanity
You: You don't like people pushing their religion on you, so don't push your non-religion on them.
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