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YTomorrow I'm meeting my godfather, and it’ll be a long drive in and out as we go overseas. Haha, they’re having medical check-ups in there. Hm. I want to make a list of what I want to talk about.

My plans for the far future – not going to let him dissuade me from it. Just going to tell him.
Language learning and why
What to call him? Think I should switch to calling him godfather instead of uncle lol.
Being a bridesmaid :D so fun!
Want to ask him to walk me down the aisle in future lol.

I think it’ll help him find a partner for me a lot easier. Hm. I'm thinking I want to write a list of all the countries I want to visit in future so I can kinda know what to learn too. Maybe rank in order of wanting to visit. Or not? Nah, might as well write down. Doesn’t hurt, does it? I mean, they’re not like terribly out of left field, probably places everyone wants to visit, but I think it’s good to write down goals.

I practiced my Japanese last night. :D

I dunno if I should tell him about all the places I'm visiting to look for partner. I guess it’s okay. Lol. Doesn’t hurt.

Hm. Have to analyse the past week soon as well lol that one kinda fell to the wayside with shit going on haha, trying my best.

I was talking to my mum’s friend and I said I'm more comfortable talking to girls and talked to a lot of girls at the bar, then later on my mum told me to talk to more guys. Zzzz scary. I guess I have to start some place lol. The guys here are super bad conversationalists. It’s like they’re all unsocialised troglodytes or something. I guess that’s what happens when you go to an internet-based meeting. Lol. I guess there must be someone easy to talk to somewhere. Just have to keep digging for gold. I mean, if you have shit stuck in your nose, you don’t stop digging until it’s out, so I guess this is no different or else you can't breathe.

Day 401

Waking 9am: 16
Food Recording: 401=

Freeing: 248=
Morning editing: 257=
Editing: 156=
Editing 2k: 199
Editing 1hr: 96=

Drawing: 120
Languaging: 141
Languaging 1hr: 7

Pushuping 10: 226=
Dancing: 136
Exercising: 220

Napping 2pm: 107
Squatting 10: 31
Cleaning: 51=

After 6pm
Publishing: 89
Reading: 240
Reading 1hr: 383

Choose two
Wording 3: 70
Thanking: 68
Scripting: 26
Pianoing: 86
Teaching: 43
ProjHing: 19
Side writing: 13

Backuping: 172
Saving: 61
Brushing 10pm: 277
Stretching: 225
Sleeping 1am: 143

Sticker Days
Hit average: 3846/360= 10.68


Fun Elaboration
Freeing: Fullscreen when writing
Editing: B1P2E2
Editing 1hr: 800 hours = 1 plane ticket
Drawing: Mindmaps. Plants. Colour Pencils Technique. Colour Theory. Charcoal.
Languaging 1hr: 800 hours = ?
Exercising: Walking/climb stairs r60/swimming r32/survey corps/abs.
Napping: 1 hour nap before 2pm
Reading 1hr: 800 hours = 1 Sumikko
Thanking: Art of War
Scripting: Tempest Scene A5S1. Hamlet/Aida/LotR. Research format and dialogue
Pianoing: Chord video. Minor scales, chords. Music theory.
ProjHing: Brainstorm and Research.
Saving: 1-2 June 2015, 3 Nov 2015, Jul-Oct 2015, editing blog entries, resave.

Back up phone photos
Mum schedule thing - attempt it on phone? Show her 3d.
Buy cornflakes on sale
Check phone
Practice headband hairstyles
Sort out and wash make-up bag and cabinet

Mum bg concert, museums AS D AR N, hill
March gallery NG at P, OP gallery
12 AS perm museum start
30 overseas 830am
1 Meeting
15 church 8pm
17 Books due
15 Admin Stuff W
23 AS museum start
30 P museum end
1 J’s W 7pm
21 C’s W 5.45 pm
29 N museum end
14 AS museum end
Admin Stuff W
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