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Me: See, now I'm learning photoshop as I do the cover. I was like.. okay, go online and read a page on magic wand tool and I learnt how to use it. Don’t even need video. The guy was like wanting to pay for a course on how to use photoshop. I was like lol.

Mum: Yeah!

Me: I just talk to him a while and I know how smart he is. He calls himself an internet marketeer and he doesn’t even know how to google information. I was like lol. All the information you need today is free online.

Mum: Yeah, he’s that type of standard. I don’t think he’s earning a lot too.

Me: Yeah, and actually he’s not bad looking. Got muscles and look okay. But once he open his mouth, the stupidity rolled out. That’s why he’s still single after so long. Girls nowadays are not dumb. They know how to tell.

Mum: Yeah, that’s why if you want a smart wife, you have to be smart yourself. Or else it’s very hard to talk to each other.

Just shake shake my head. Lol. Ahhh I went to grab food from my dad. There’s food at the school and he brought it back for us yay. :D gonna have delicious noms tomorrow.

It’s a lot more windy outside.

I fixed my internet by changing the dongle to the front. Did some art. I think I will read for the rest of tonight. The Wabi Sabi book is really good. :D

Maybe I can read in the living room where it’s cooler since my dad isn't at home at night now.

Or should I do more art first? hm. I think my eyes might be a bit tired. Tomorrow would be better.
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