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Me: Oh, that other girl is coming to the class, huh?

Mum: Yeah. I thought might as well invite her.

Me: Yeah. Maybe her and S can hit it off. Since the other girl don’t want, she might want.

Mum: Yeah, you never know if they click. Plus she was the one who approached us first.

Me: Yeah. How come S is the one asking her to teach?

Mum: I think A thinks I'm angry at her.

Me: Huh?

Mum: Cos I only replied her sms the next day. Cos I was very sad that it didn’t work.

Me: Oh. It’s like that. Not everything will work out.

Mum: But I'm still very sad.

Me: Hm. Is this the first time you face rejection?

Mum: Yes.

Me: I've faced rejection so many times this doesn’t even register on my radar.

Mum: Where got so many times?

Me: First time when I was younger, then older. With my books. Feels like a lot of times. Very heavy.

Mum: Touchwood! Only two times not a lot. You’re lucky.

Me: Cos of talent too. :p But… it might only be two times but it’s still very hard to take. But love is like art. Some people like chickens, some don’t. Can't force everyone to like chickens. Some people will like what you're selling, some won't. just have to find that one person you can click with.

Not to mention how many times I was rejected getting him to walk again. zzz. Then there’s other failures too. Trust me, I'm no stranger to failure. Took part in so many competitions but no gold. Can't be helped, I've only spent a little time practicing them.

It makes success a lot sweeter though, especially one which others don’t have. :p

So I've kinda accepted that was the life I was supposed to have travelled to get to here today.

Trying and failing is better than not trying at all. Not trying = 100% failure. Trying = chance of success, even if it’s 1%. Why not?

It’s rarely 1% chance of success though, and even if it’s 1% at the beginning, a second chance could be 10% from what you learn, and so on and forth. That’s the secret to life and love, I believe.
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