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Just came back from swimming! Hurrah! Weather was so hot so I went. The water was tepid!!! Yuck. I was hoping for it to be cool. No it was warm. :( that’s how warm the weather is now.

At the end there were girls doing water aerobics and it was smelly!!!!

How do people couple up and endure each other’s stink?

Well, there was this really hot guy there! He was pale, and tall and he has muscles! We made eye contact then I swam away cos I'm shy lol.

Yeah I don’t like guys who are tanned. I just think they’re gonna get skin cancer. I like them like the guy, glowingly pale so they’re healthier.

I've actually entertained the thought of being a nun before since I can just write all day. But then the inability to eat nice food convinced me otherwise.

Kitty! I saw a grey and white kitty on the way home today. It looked scared of me and moved away so I left it alone mostly. Took a pic but it’s not very nice cos I was carrying a lot of things.

I've told my mum I'll enter the competition, but I'll need to research. She’s happy that she can enter too, since it depends on my story, but she was a bit hesitant when I said I have to do a lot of research. That’s life! You can't have something without sacrifice.

My Japanese and Burmese teacher are gonna have dinner together again lol. My mum can't go and my Japanese teacher invited me to go. I'm like naaaah. I wanna swim. Plus I don’t want to get too close to him. I'm not attracted to him at all. Dun want something weird from him.

Sounds a bit egoistic but ah well.

A bit hungry even after dinner. Hrm. Need more protein. I might make soup.
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