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Let me tell you about my battle plans for the wedding this Sunday. As of 200 hours, a positive confirmation for THE pair or shoes I'm going to wear has not been confirmed.

This is the new contender.

However, like all retired returnees, her reliability has not been confirmed.

Therefore she will be scheduled for a trial run two days from now.

Compared to the previous pair, she is much taller.

So precautionary measures will have to be taken.

I will be wearing a pair of flats to the venue and then switching them out for the heels. This saves my legs from standing in heels on the train, and the walk there as well. A big enough bag has been obtained for carrying our comrades in.

I will be testing this plan out at the trial run of the church outing two days from now. Flats worn there, to be switched out in the toilet.

If unsatisfactory, a second pair of heels will be on standby to step in.

(Yeah, I know. Some people don't give as much thought to who they're going to marry.)

My legs feel surprisingly okay after today. I think it's the stairs climbing, swimming and recent weight loss.

I had to go through a gauntlet today. Slope in front of my house is rocky, they had construction going on so uneven ground, and I had to carry soup back to the table on small tiled floor. I was like the ninja warrior of heels.
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