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I had fun today but so tired omg. Went out with my mum to get ice-cream but the offer was not on. So we had iced milk tea instead. Then went shopping a while but I had to rush off to go to the church walk thing.

Wah it was so fun. I saw a lot of things and took a lot of pictures. I think I was kinda weird and off today cos I was so sleepy zzz. Only 3 hours of sleep cos I couldn’t sleep last night and went out with my mum to walk in the morning.

I bet I will sleep a lot tonight.

I think I made some social mistakes but oh well you learn as you go along.

I didn’t wanna go back when I came cos I heard someone say “alleged author” after one of the leaders said I was. She looked over at me and I just looked at her lol. Duh I heard it. Yeah it bothered me a little then, and when I came home too, but now I'm better after talking to my mum and thinking through things.

Some people will believe me, some people will not believe me. Some people will hate me, some people will love me. That’s just life. I click with some and not others.

Just have to talk to those I click with mwahahahah. :D

Ohhh my friend that I met there on the first night brought someone lol. :D hehehehe potential!!!

I have to remember I think I'm the oldest one there. Even older than one of the leader lol. :|

This just fires me up more now. I have to publish more and train up my endurance more so I can travel more.

We walked and saw a lot of nice scenery, then went to eat then walked again impromptu. I will bring my mum there. There are travellators too. :D

I think my breath stank cos I had onions for dinner and a girl offered me mints lol. Everyone carrying mints around with them. Maybe I should do it too to smell better.

Some of the girls wore makeup to the walk. O_O I was like haaaaah!?!?!?! I had a backpack, cap, sunglasses and sports shoes on I felt so weird. Like some school kid going hiking.

I guess I can liken life to the detective game. If I don’t say something, the game won't be as fun. I might die, but the game will end anyway. So why not try, huh? Hm. Yeah I guess that’s a good attitude to have.

Tomorrow is my friend’s wedding and I wrote a red packet to her today. :D I'm quite excited. My mum offered to come home to do my hair but I said nah I'll just let it down and see what happens. Heels! I'm excited to wear them there.

Hrm. This group is so masterful. So many interesting activities to capture my interest. :[ I kinda want to stop going but it is quite fun. Hrm. Plus I don’t click with some people there. I actually don’t click very well with the super godly lawful types.

I feel weird around them. What happened to their senses of humour?

Ah well. I'm sure they’re funny in their own way maybe I just haven't heard their jokes.

I got a book recommendation today though. I will go explore it if I find it in the library. It’s related to homosexuality and the lady was saying the bible says it’s wrong so it’s wrong. But different churches have different interpretations of where the wrong lies. Why would God create a child that is wrong from birth?

So do gay children go to heaven or does the gay part override the child part?

Life is strange.

I think I will explore a bit more.
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