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Have we reached peak oil and can we survive it?

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Some experts in the oil industry believe world oil production peaked in 2005 or 2007, even the most optimistic predictions go to only 2020. I have really been thinking about peak oil and sustainability lately, and I think the US is in for some VERY hard times in 5 to 10 years. I see NO efforts for oil conservation and it might be too little too late by the time people even begin to use alternatives in any significant way.

My hope for the future comes from nanosolar and nuclear energy but we still need an oil based economy to make that transition, it would take at least a minimal of 20 to 40 years to make a transition on that scale and we only have 5 to 10 years from peak oil AT MOST. Our whole economy is based on unending growth and that is unrealistic with the finite resources we have, this includes water, coal, and other non-renewables too. At worst, our entire civilization could collapse and this has happen before to the Romans and the Mayans.

We might have to go to a more localized lifestyle in the future and that's if we make a peaceful transition. I have been trying to factor peak oil into my career choice and future expectations. Maybe emerging technologies can get us out of this mess like nanotechnology, solar, nuclear, bio, geothermal, wind, and natural gas.

What do you think will be the implications of diminishing energy resources on gobalization, US economy, and your personal future?
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One thing that most people in general do when forecasting is look at technological progression from a linear view, like technology progressing at a steady rate, but technology actually progresses at an exponential rate. Technology that might look decades away could become ready within a very short time, could this offset the effects of peak oil. I know alot of peak oil experts don't give much credit to technology tampering peak oil, but maybe their views on technological growth is linear and this would change conditions a bit.
I think in some ways the industrial revolution was our downfall. Not that it was a bad thing, but I do not think we did our due diligence during that time to cover the cons like we did the pros. There was no forethought into the preservation of the resources.
The problem with government policies when it comes to issues like these is that most politicians are only concerned about their own term, so they leave the future problems to someone esle. Add to that even if they did start sufficient policies another person with different political and economic concerns will take their place and the policies they started in their term won't see completion.
peak oil - i used to believe it but way jose! - the idea of peak oil was propsed by a scientist working for BP or Shell - simply it was and still is a fear based marketing ploy - create a false scarcity to keep prices high - I think current estimates are that we have at least another 300 years worth left- so its NOT a problem in out lifetimes or our childrens or their childrens...

Check out Greg Palasts book Armed Madhouse which has more of the info
Do you even know anything about peak oil? It sounds like you don't to me.
Lol at the people" OMG, WE HAVE LIKE 300 YEARS OF OIL LEFT, THERE AIN'T NOTHIN TO WORRY BOUT"(those estimates are probably inaccurate too)! Peak oil is not about completely running out of oil, it is just that you've gotten most of the easy, high quality oil(going up the peak) and now it will become increasingly harder(and more expensive) to get the remaining oil out of the ground(going down the peak). The US peaked in oil production in the early '70s and even with all the new advances in technology the US still has not managed to curb the decline in it's domestic oil production. It's really bad when some people's hopes are in a debunked pseudo-scientific abiotic oil theory and wishful thinking that "somethin will come along and save us, I don't know what it is but I just believe".
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