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Have you ever felt like you live in The Truman Show

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The human brain is very good at finding patterns even where there are none. When we see a coincidence, it's usually nothing more than that.


Anyway, it's fun to look at patterns and imagine that all the coincidences are signs that people are out there to get you.
Have you ever thought that people around you are just playing roles?

Have you ever felt like you're the main actor in The Truman Show?
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Anyway, it's fun to look at patterns and imagine that all the coincidences are signs that people are out there to get you.
Have you ever thought that people around you are just playing roles?
Only during some extremely bad bursts of paranoia and even at the worst moments there were some people who acted as "anchores" to reality so no, the feeling did not take over completely.
A player in The Truman Show? No. Never.

I do appreciate Shakespeare's quote tho:

"...All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms..."

I do have thoughts occasionally that an alien being such as the Mecha are looking down on me and watching my life. I had one experience in my life, when younger and half-asleep, when I had a short "instruction" from an alien type thingy.

Haha, yeah I have a few times. A couple coincidences or strange patterns or occurrences had me thinking about the Truman Show. Then I started thinking about the possibilities that I am in fact the lead character of some show or weird reality. Then I'll think how I'll have no way of really knowing, but I'll still investigate anyway, but then I'll think of something like we're just an experiment for some superior race and we're just being watched and studied, and maybe I'm one of their favorite characters. Then I might get sad or feel worthless and wish I'd do something with my life. Or feel inspired for a brief moment to change my reality, but then forget about that thought a minute later.
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It's fun to think how patterns/unlikely coincidences can make it seem that way and to think of the Truman show thing, about all the roles the people around me could be playing and thinking of them being very different, or that it's really the year 4000 and they're TV stars in a Truman show type thing.

To entertain myself, I occasionally point to a random place(this is always done alone) and address "them" in some way, just in case of the very, very unlikely event of being the star of a Truman show, being visited by invisible interdimensional beings, invisible people from the future, ghosts, or Westworld technicians, they would maybe wonder for a second "How does he know?!"

Of course, this is a hobby that seems to have the potential to lead down a very dark path. :shocked:
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I used to think that way a lot when I was a kid
Just today, after I asked this question, I had a conversation with a person in which we got to the question of languages. I said something in a language the other person has no clue about (doesn't speak any related language) and they guessed correctly what I said. Then I jokingly said they can read minds and asked the other person to guess what I'm thinking about. They got it almost right (got the idea right, but not the details).

Thinking objectively, my intonation probably gave clues to what I said and then the thing I was thinking about was in the room. The chance of this happening was probably not lower than 1 in 8.
No. The only real burst of paranoia I had was when I thought the government was monitoring my Youtube history after watching six hours of lectures on reptilian aliens masquerading as political leaders.

Then I remembered that my life isn't that interesting and got over it.

More often than not, I feel like a character in The Matrix. Not literally an artificial world, just figuratively with regard to spirit vs the material.
When you feel paranoia, like being observed or followed, you know you need a pill to get to sleep
Whenever my life hits a snag and things start to go south, I have this tendency to immediately think of that last sh*tty thing I did and start wondering if it's not actually karma, even though there is absolutely no correlation between the two events..

I start thinking that maybe life is some sort of giant chess game and the second you start self-indulging you're losing points. That there is natural balance to the universe so you best be on top of your game if you don't want to taste the downside.

Things like this keep me awake at night...
I've felt that way a few times as a child but I can't remember what triggered those thoughts.
Yes I have a few times.
I always get really embarassedwhen I think about people listening to my conversations with myselfe.
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