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No to consumed by money--a fear of "mammon" instilled in me as a child, or temperamentally not my thing.


I wanted to answer an earlier one about a dangerous situation. I've been in many but the worst was coming face to face, and defending my son, against an actual sociopath who stalked his girlfriend, sat through her shift at work--the entire shift, to make sure she didn't cheat. He threatened to kill my son--came to our flat, and I heard the chilling exchange as the man tried to talk my son into "going for a ride" then threatened to kill him, calm as could be...

Later, I went into the restaurant parking lot, dark, to face him as he sat in his car. My husband and son went with me, and I was the one to talk him down. (I had talked with police earlier who ran a check on him, and the officer on the phone was kind, apologized, saying, "Unless he actually does something to your son, there isn't anything we can legally do...")

Staring into those eyes? No light in them; none at all. It was a kind of terror, mute, I hope never to experience again.

My husband and son saw the gun he and the friend in the passenger seat put under their seats as we approached; I didn't notice--I was intent on his face, making contact. I'm glad I didn't see the guns--things might have turned out badly.

Irony? He died about a year later of chicken pox: Never had them as a child, and with ill health, a genetic weakness, whatever else, he didn't survive. I was relieved.

Question: You ever feel you have either lived too stale of a life or too amped up, and would trade places for a day with someone leading the opposite?
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