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having anxiety issues, i know i can control them but still having difficulty

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I was just wondering if anyone has some coping methods they want to share in how to deal with anxiety. I notice that I either get worried about making mistakes or when I make a mistake I freak out and think that it's uncontrollable. I know I can control it and try to counteract it by trying to calm myself down. I notice too that when I'm in the car with someone I freak out more when I think I've made a mistake and feel a need to apologize a lot. I have anxiety pills and try to tell myself I won't make the mistake again but somehow that makes me more anxious. :frustrating:
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Ah, isn't anxiety cruel?

I know what this is like. To sort of calm myself down, I attempt to fight my anxiety thoughts with more logical ones. Like if I feel anxiety about making a mistake, I try to shut down the "omg I'm freakin' horrible and imcompetent" mind with "I'm human and we all make mistakes. Besides, I'll learn from this". This is my own form of cognitive behavioral therapy.
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