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Having dual awareness of Ti/Te and Fi/Fe in oneself.

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Has anyone else felt themselves reverse the focus F/T to be objective rather than subjective and vice versa? Have definitely noticed myself go from Ti Fe to Fi Te, and it was both terrifying and fascinating. Won't expound on that right this second as I'm more interested in hearing if others have experienced this and how it was for them.

I'm not talking about this happening only in high-stress scenarios, by the way. It happened to me at the tail end of a very stressful time, but it occurred independently of the events themselves.

For those who have also dealt with this, how does having double awareness of the functions affect your lasting perception?
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The shadow mode for ENTP is INTJ - both Te and Fi are present. However I do not think it occurs only over high-stress times, at least not in my experience. Sometimes after overly focusing on something for prolonged period of time I will feel sort of ENFP-like and it causes me to break away and go do something new. It can be a bit scary because I feel like I am not naturally aware of my limits in this state. Analyzing what triggers this it just feels like I'm just over-working my mind, thinking to much, focusing too narrowly, and it needs a break. Sometimes you might be stressed but simply not registering it as valid stress.

For those who have also dealt with this, how does having double awareness of the functions affect your lasting perception?
makes me less serious :) i sort of enjoy it but i also worry how i come off to other people
last episode people were a bit surprised that my behavior just suddenly changed
EDIT: misread your comment, sorry! Writing a proper reply...

Eta: what it broke down to, for me, was too much focusing on the limitations of Ti and Fe after a long go in the ring with a chemical imbalance--feeling like I was rushing to "fix" myself.

It's so weird to be able to use Te and feel the influence of Ti, that's for sure.
I think when you flip into this 'shadow' mode you will feel the top 2 of its functions, not all of them (so Ni and Te for INTJs). At least it was my perceptions that I get a sense of Ne and Fi in place of my Ni and Fe. But I don't really get a sense of Te or Si that are the other 2 functions of ENFPs, which makes sense because those are opposing functions to Fi and Ne. I liken it to a car running into a ditch. In order to get out you can no longer continue driving forward - you have to put the gear in reverse and go back, and when you maneuver out of it then you can switch to your regular gears again.
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