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I think my family situation, and feeling so lonely was not good. I think my parents were not supportive of my struggles at school, and my dad got very angry if I shared my feelings of lonliness or isolation because they were paying so much money for me to go there, and they didn't want to think I was not having a good experience or that I was ungrateful. So to be grateful I just didn't talk about it.

But because I kept everything inside, it came out in weird ways, I was defensive and angry in what I did show, and that did not foster good communication. I was only thirteen, but if I was in the same situation now, it would not be handled that way. It was a growing experience.

Thanks for the forum for me to type out that beast :)
Of course!:) You are always free to vent! I vent in the INFJ forum, though I don't usually have as much need to vent in the 4 forum.
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