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hi guys, i would appreciate any feedback from you guys.

I can get a teachers certificate with this major. What do you think the future of health educators? will schools always need to employ health teachers?

can i get some objective feedback regarding this degree?
-Please tell me if its worth it
-what you would consider a better option,
-what you think the future holds for this degree regarding salary and pay.

Thank you soo much for you constructive criticism/feedback.

I am planning to eventually go to PT school of course, but that is uncertain right now because of some personal issues. otherwise i wouldn't care about my bachelors degree.

I will still take all my PT pre-reqs just in case and if it does work out. I don't mind taking extra science classes, ect. hey more knowledge to me! and i can plan them so that it wont set me back on graduation.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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