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Heart Center

The energy of the Heart Center is like water – free-flowing, downward moving, and refreshing. It’s shaped by whatever contains it, which is why Heart Types seek interaction with others: it’s how they gain a sense of who they are and where they belong.
Like water, Heart Center energy seeps into the earth, creating conditions that bring about new life. So it has a nourishing, generative quality that supports creation. In this sense, it is feminine in nature. The energy of the Heart Center is what gives us heart – that quality of being that enabels us to stay in touch with our feelings and to empathize with those we love.
Heart energy enables us to nurture, support, and connect with other people. When there’s too little, we become dry, detached, even callous – we lack the ability to feel personally invested in life. When there’s too much, we become inundated with it; this makes us feel heavy and weighed-down. If it comes to us suddenly, it can have the power to sweep us off our foundations, like a flood.
Heart Center types (2-3-4) tend to be particularly attuned to the effect of their actions on other people and to the emotional response that their actions elicit. This attunement can make them supportive friends and responsive listeners but also oversensitive to negative feedback, because it’s often more unsettling to them than to other types.
Once Heart types get off-track emotionally, it can be hard for them to get on track again. So they may be tempted to find some way to shut off (or at least restrict) the flow of emotions. But shutting down the flow of emotions shuts down the heart; what remains is a false heartiness that’s a poor substitute for real feeling. So the challenge for Heart types is to learn how to make friends with strong emotions, so they can let emotional currents flow through them in a way that heals and rejuvenates.

Heart Types

Type 2 (expressive). As a type just entering the Heart Center, Twos express heart energy in a very obvious, hard-to-miss way. They’re very aware of their own feelings and use them to actively reach out to other people, establishing social networks in which they can circulate freely. They best fit our image of what a Heart type should look like.

Type 3 (receptive). With an innate sense of how to navigate a social network, Threes readily adapt to the needs of others, work cooperatively on a team, and use the social environment as a backdrop to distinguish themselves as individuals. They express their heart energy by being so completely immersed in their social activity that they “leave behind” the overt emotionality of the Two. It’s for this reason that they can be hard to recognize as Heart types.

Type 4 (synthesizing). Fours combine and synthesize aspects of Two and Three within themselves. Like Threes, they immerse themselves deeply into what they’re doing; like Twos, they consciously feel the flow of their own emotions. The result is a type that is deeply involved in the exploration and synthesis of the feeling world.

Dimensions of the Heart Center
Elemental Energy: Water
Energetic Property: Circulating
Main Focus: Feeling
Reference Point: People
Polarity: Yin/feminine
Mode of Expression: Communicating
Evolutionary Role: Involving
Source of Inspiration: Beauty
Challenging Emotion: Sorrow/shame
Strength: Empathy
Academic Focus: Arts
Plane of Existence: Emotional
Responsibility: Relating
Path to Inner Self: Self-exploration
Results of Inner Work: Self-discovery
Spiritual Quality: Devotion
Soul Desire: Ecstasy

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I really liked her description of the centers.
Air (Head Types), Fire (Gut Types) and Water (Heart Types).

Especially since she is a 4 herself, I was curious to see her take on the enneagram, so I bought her book and wasn't disappointed.
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