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Hi, I'm sadpsycho (counting on changing my nickname because this one was from 3 years ago when I joined).
I never really posted in here so I'd say that I just joined the cafe.

I'm pretty experienced in MBTI (independent studying for 4-5 years), decent with Enneagram and looking to understand Socionics better. I'm also currently learning more about the Attitudinal Psyche Typology Indicator (APTI), I'll make a few threads talking about it if you aren't familiar with that system.

I'm a 19 year old INFP, my Socionics is IEE though (ENFp) with Fi subtype.
My enneagram tritype is the bubbly and peaceful 4w5 (9w1, 7w6) with a hint of Sx/So to spice things up.
My APTI type is ELFV. Also, I'm a Ravenclaw.

I live in France but I lived 18 years in Tunisia with my parents. I'm Italian, French and Tunisian.

Psychologically, I'm in a kinda unstable place, I'm in a dying relationship with my boyfriend and I'm switching through manic, stable and depressive phases pretty quickly. I don't know my condition yet (if I have one) and I'm seeing a professional in two days for that. I have past experience with depression and anxiety.

My music taste is very eclectic, but i can say that my current favourites revolve around emotional rock, vaporwave, indie, and orchestral music.

I'm in college, studying IT, my goal is to be a game/ux designer.

Looking forward to gaining knowledge and sharing mine.



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Hey Alex,

Welcome to the forum! I'm Emilia, I'm also an INFP, live in Serbia and 21 years old.
I study psychology and am in my third year of studies.
Where did you take the Socionics type test? :calm:
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