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Why can't people who used to call themselves my "friends" ever think of their actions and consequences before they do it? They always expect me to forgive them after the fact when they do what they want at the time. Some people have even told me I'm making a big deal out of nothing. I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't go out of my way to be nice to people who are picking on and bullying a close childhood friend of mine whether or not they did anything to me. If you don't want me to think of you as my enemies, you should have thought about not speaking with my enemies otherwise I'll think you're one of them. I get how you didn't want things to escalate in person so you were cordial with them and that's fine. You didn't have to add them to Facebook, though. That was crossing a line because now Krista thinks you're actually her friend when you acknowledge her and let her comment all over your things.

I told you square in the face, "Birds of a feather flock together," so if you want to keep in touch with people like Krista, I'll think you act like her, too. Krista and Billie think they're "great people" but that's not how I perceive them at all. They are going to get their reality checks soon once and for all. I even said I was okay with Rachel still keeping in touch with Krista as long as she told Krista Krista was not her real friend and she didn't like what she did to me she just wants to be nice to everyone to not have anyone hate her. Rachel didn't even do anything to compromise! She doesn't like confrontation, but obviously had the guts to tell Krista she didn't want to be involved. By keeping Krista in her circle and saying the things she said to me, that's kind of getting involved and Rachel already chose her side. I know other people know Krista, too, but they don't acknowledge her at all and just keep her on their lists from college and they knew about her before they met me so I'm not upset at that. The only place Rachel ever knew about Krista was when Krista was harassing me for six years.

Rachel just wanted to do what she wants to do without regards for how awkward this hostility makes for our parents, and without regards for me, and said to me, "If you have a problem with me keeping Krista on my Facebook, then delete me," so I did. Now I'm not going to meet with Rachel to talk things out. There's nothing to talk out. I'll see that you truly want to be forgiven when you tell Tara to give me back my money she owes me instead of hanging out with her acting like she did nothing to me, either. I'll see that you truly want to be forgiven when you tell Krista the truth about herself and then delete her from Facebook. Until then, there's nothing to talk about. I'm going along with my revenge book because sometimes, just sometimes, revenge is worth it.

I've met with Rachel before the first time she betrayed me with other people and I thought it would have been resolved, then. I had no idea she would do something like this to piss me off the worst. This is absolutely unforgivable. I keep replaying those uncaring words in my head over and over thinking how can someone who I thought was a "friend" say those things to me as if she didn't care about the twenty some years we knew each other at all?

Do you know whenever I need something fixed for the car I don't want to take it to Rachel's dad anymore even though we bought it from him? He's one of the few trustworthy car salesmen we can count on, but because of this thing that happened with Rachel I don't want to speak with any of that family.
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