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Hello all! Assistance required: am I INTP or INFP?

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Just realised I posted this in the wrong forum so I'm moving it here:

Hello everyone!

I hope you're having a great morning afternoon/evening/night.

I read that INFP and INTPs often mistype as each other and I'm curious if I'm a INTP who's been mistyping for an INFP for a while. I've taken many Myers Briggs tests and they all said that I'm INFP, but when I take tests on "how to tell if you INFP or INTP" I get mixed results.

I'm guessing that's because those tests are mainly based on testing how much you value logic, and I love theoretical questions, philosophy, science, and overthinking. It's a bit jarring to read descriptions of INFPs as people who dislike science and organisation (definitely not true for me), but I don't fit the usual description of INTPs either since I try to make everyone happy even if that means hiding what I think the truth is.

I think I've mostly answered my own question. I'm reasonably certain (about 90 percent) that I'm an INFP who has an approach to logic that's typical of INTPs. I could just be an emotional INTP who greatly values making others feel valued however.

Does anyone have advice on how to gain greater clarity? And personality type would you peg me as and why?

Some random facts that I hope will be helpful if you want to accurately type me:

My best subject in school was English, but I also got A's in every single science based subject like Chemistry and Biology. In the fantasy novel I'm writing, I want to create a very detailed conlang that's realistic enough to be a naturally evolved language, make a map complete with tectonic plates, and other assorted sciencey/pedantic-y stuff, but the reason I started writing the novel in the first place was to understand people on a deep level and explore different emotional states and ideas.

Aaaand now I'm uncertain again. Help. At least I know I'm I, N, and P for sure -- it's reassuring to have that certainty.

Thank you for reading all of this. Please enjoy a photo of a sea sheep, an adorable type of nudibranch. (Also you are permitted to enjoy the cute sea sheep even if you did not read all of this and just skimmed straight to the cuteness.)

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School subjects not related much to mbti

My INFP daughter does resemble INTPs quite a bit.

She is best at Math & Science in school, and in robotics. She also enjoys art.

Why is she INFP instead of INTP?

The big distinguisher is her Fi function. She lacks Ti function.
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Thank you for your advice -- I'll do more research on functions.

I took a test which scored 95% on Ti and 65% on Fi. Overall, it said my type was unclear.

It seems like the tests which type by behaviour type me as INFP but the ones which test cognitive functions type me as INTP. Interesting. Your profile says you're STP -- what was it like for you discovering that? Did you come across any discrepancies like I did or was it clear cut? How much did it help with a sense of peace and understanding? (Sorry for the question overload -- people are awesome and fascinating and I want to learn more about them)

Have a wonderful day and thank you again for the insight ^^
Funny thing

I mistyped originally as INTP before knowing functions. Which does make sense even though it sounds crazy for an Estp to mistype as INTP.

Reason was because I did not know the difference between Ne & Se & the letters mbti stuff just asks dumb stuff like … are you shallow or deep? Can you think abstract? Or do you only think literal :ROFLMAO:

So with such comprehensive tests for the mbti portion to distinguish N vs S lol. Who the hell is going to answer yeah I am shallow, I am literal, and I cannot see between any lines lol

Anyways later when I understood more about functions I realized I was in fact Se

When I took the real mbti assessment (not online quiz) at university I got ISTP

Me typing as ISTP does makes sense I am not that socially extroverted. However I recognize I am more than likely Estp because of my function orders. I am more likely inferior Ni. I tend to show a more polished use of Fe than I do Ni.

My Ti function has NEVER been in question. It tends to be apparent. Which makes sense often our second function can stand out and be predominant as it is more conscious than our first which is inherent and subconscious

Anyways I often tell people when in doubt consider their inferior function. And their weakest traits. It is easy for me to see I suck at Ni.
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Programming is not an uncommon pursuit for INFP. If you were to look at me and my partner he resembles the stereotypical INTP more, down to having a much better relationship with numbers and keeping tabs on what technology people use ... possibly judging them silently...
Absolutely judging silently if INFP :ROFLMAO:
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