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Thank you for your insights! I'm guessing that INTP might be accurate than INFP. Since I often get INTP when it tests the cognitive functions and INFP when it's focused on behaviour, I think I might be INTP who often acts like INFP due to personal experiences, not because that's always the most natural way for me to act.

I hope you're no longer retreating into yourself and are comfortable with who you are now. Sending digital hugs and this nudibranch.

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You're welcome, and INTP might not be the perfect match, but I believe there is wide variation amongst types with a need for subtype classification. And as Dario Nardi has suggested, we have the ability to go in and out of these subtypes during different stages of our lives, though we will still have our preferred subtypes for the most part. So, there are INTPs who will develop their Fe much later in life, and their career can play a huge role in this — for instance a counseling career may require them to develop it.

Still, even if the skill is developed, the cognitive attitude (basically, your comfort level and self-perception) will not change. And this is why I don't think you are IXFJ, but of course, I could always be wrong. So, my advice is to keep on exploring, and interact with more people in the community.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts