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Hi hi,

I've been lurking for quite a long time, I was always confused about my type, but now I'm sure I'm an ENFP. Funny because that's what I've always tested as and related to, I just kept getting the sneaking suspicion that I couldnt be an E. Now that I understand what being an E means a little bit better I know that I'm most definitely an E, an ENFP :D

Now my ennegram I'm not so sure about, Im thinking 4 or 7 (yeah they're very different, but...)

Anyway I'd love to find new friends, chat about all that relates to being an ENFP, etc. etc. I'm also looking forward to some (more) personal growth :)

Oh and I'd love to "put a face to the name", but I have to wait until I have 15 posts :p

And Daisee is my nickname by the way.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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