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Welcome! When I found this place I was relieved that I wasn't the only person on the planet who thinks and does as I do. :)
I feel ya . I am so relieved to have found this forum. I have been hooked, reading everything I can. One of my biggest battles for myself is coming to an understanding of who or what my actual personality is versus what I want myself or personality to be. An example of what I mean is one of the questions on the Jung personality test is something like , would I rather be at a party or at home reading a book ? Now when I think about that question, I would love to be at a party socializing etc. at least that's how I think I would want to be. In reality I had to think about what I did years ago as a single 21 year old guy on a Friday night . And what I did was go to Barnes and noble and sit there for hours on end reading about my hobby at the time until I knew just about everything on the subject. I noticed that I love to read everything I can find on my interests, but I am not a know it all type or a " one upper". If I see someone who is proud of their work ( I am referring to an old car FYI) and its running good but not to my standards, I will bite my lip until I am specifically asked my opinion. I also will not speak unless I am 100% positive I know for a fact.
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