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Hello everyone i'm rami and im 23 , i would like to share my story first (sorry for my grammar)
So This whole personality types are new to me , I didn't believe in it from the beginning .. i didn't even bother to read about it .. I didn't like the idea that there is some type of personality that applies on me
i thought i'm unique and it would be impossible to find someone like me , I didn't buy the idea that there are people like me , and i was against it , i think its due to the ego ..

until few days ago.... i took a test for fun and out of curiosity , i had an INTP Result .. i was like oh ok..
So i read a few lines about an INTP personality , and i found it interesting , because its was like they are talking about me , i took another 3 tests and they returned INTP results , so i bought 2Ebooks about INTP

I read them both more than 500 pages in two days none stop , even at work ..
It was so interesting to me that i couldn't do anything other than reading more as it was applying to me , It was scary and exciting !

To be honest it changed my life , Since i was a child i always was so quiet , always thinking about things that don't interest all people around me , i was so interested in things like philosophy , energy , consciousness , Enlightenment, Religions , God , Social Awareness.. I always like to detect problems and deficits.. i tried near
death experiences at an early age , i'm addicted to knowledge and more information , i get bored easily .. i only look for challenging experiences, i love the mysterious things .. if i don't find meaning in something i never continue with it , if i have no meaning or something to add to my self , i get depressed ...
I have suffered all my life alone , I thought there is some kind of problem in me , i'm not like the others..
always on my own , i like to isolate my self alot , i have my own ideas .. i hate doing what other people tell me .
I can't follow the flow , I make my own flow , im independent to the max , Im in love with cats .. They remind me of my self .
I read and read and write and write , I have no interest in the most common things like TV , Parties , Mainstream , Football , And many many other things , Its hard for me to find people that understand me .. i jump from one topic to another without completing the first one , its like a hunger ! .. Its hard for me to work for other people ..
i used to try alot of psychedelics because they change my perspective on life and give me more ideas and knowledge , I didn''t use it to get high .. My brain got overwhelmed with time .. I was restless the whole time , and worried , and thinking .. and if i don't think more or add something to my life , i get depressed and get into REALLY dark side of my self where i lose contact with my self and everything .. i always have the feeling that i need to change the world , I have too much knowledge that i need to share , i studied all religions and with the near death experience i made a strong connection that not even scientists know .. I even made a website to enlighten other people and share my ideas ..i would never stop talking about my self as intp !

After reading about intp , I obtained confidence and i finally know my self and how to work on my self , I FINALLY KNOW MY SELF , THATS IT !! I have never been happy like that , Its really something important to me !!

I love you all intp ! I freaking love you

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Welcome! I'm glad you found a place among us INTPs where you feel like you belong.

Don't feel obligated to fit a cookie cutter shape. You are always more than welcome to have feelings and realize the world around you is a physical object.

However, as an INTP you do have requirements and they will be listed below:

- Dry sense of humor
- Dusty, unread college textbooks.
- Half finished project somewhere.
- You can never smile. Everything will be done with a straight face.
- Also, monotone voice. Excitement is a no no.
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I'm glad that you feel like MBTI helped you out a lot. I think we all experienced this sense of self awareness through discovering this tool.
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