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Hello from an ENTP...

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I took the Myers Briggs about 10-11 years ago, came back ENTP.. Took it more recently and saw it still read ENTP.

Until taking the 'test' this time, I never realized that THIS was what was missing... I wasn't understanding why I always thought the way I did, felt the way I did, and made decisions so drastically different than people around me.

I notice my tendency to dismiss people I find ignorant or those who can't hold their own in an argument.. which I find myself exceptionally calm and rational, like clarity is at it's perfect moment in any debate... I ran into a lot of challenges in school because of this, but it makes perfect sense now..

Just amazes me that with all the reading and understanding and research I do, I wasn't looking into THIS deeper. Happy to be joining this forum!
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Hello from another ENTP!

Nice to have another one with us (we're secretly taking over, don't you know?).
Also there's lots of people with all sorts of personalities that like a good debate.

Oh, and welcome. I haven't actually said that yet.
Another ENTP! Welcome to Club Awesome. :cool:
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Haha, I love it. Never seen a group of people that respond exactly how I would. Yeesh, it's seriously enlightening :)
Welcome...... :)
Welcome! I think you will enjoy this a lot. I have a friend that's an ENTP and he loves the forums here.
Welcome :)
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