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Type 2

Twos take pride in being considerate of others to feel worthy of being loved themselves. They see what people need and handpick themselves as the person to get in the trenches and fulfill that need. They especially care for the neglected and disadvantaged as no one is left behind. They willingly place themselves in positions to meet their own expectations of helping others.

2w1s take pride in being able to stomach others overlooking the good deeds they do for others.

2w3s can't help but stand out and have a self-image of being a helping VIP.

Type 3

Threes are identity-seeking image types who believe they have the potential to become someone outstanding. They want to become winners in life in the broader sense of the term. If they aren't moving forward it feels like they are falling behind. They are especially aware of their self-development and evolution as a person, how they come across to others as well as themselves. They subtly remind others they aren't just anyone. They put a lot of effort into hitting the right notes with people since there's a lot on the line.

3w2s are more inclusive. The spotlight awaits them as soon as they are ready to "seize the day". The hard work is nice but it's all about the person they are in the process of becoming.

3w4s are more aloof and icy cool. Admire from a distance but don't touch. They romanticize the hard work put in to get to the top when no one was looking.

Type 4

Fours feel alienated from the world and redirect the shame at feeling different back at the world and its "commoners". They create an identity that resonates emotionally with them and is their stylistic personal statement of who they feel they truly are. Holding fast to their identity despite their weirdness reaffirms how the commoners just don't get them. Most people haven't introspected as deeply as they have. They haven't seen what they've seen, known what they've known, or felt as they've felt.

4w3s are outsiders who dream about one day returning to the commoners to show they what they've missed. Threes and fours are opposites in many ways and 4w3s feel a tug of war between becoming successful and selling themselves out.

4w5s lack the self-glorification of 4w3s and take pride in sticking with who they feel they really are through thick and thin. They take pride in being too complex for others to understand them to the point where they mythologize their own personal tragedy.
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