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Hello, I'm new here. And there's some info about me :)

Personal ~

* Name - Real name Vytautas, but call me just Vycka
- Any nicknames? Vycka

* Male

Location - Lithuania, Vilnius

Age - I'm 19 at the moment :)

Personal(ity) ~

* What is your Myers-Briggs personality type and for how long have you been reading on personality theory? - INTP, for about 2 weeks

* What type do you usually test as?

* What are your favourite and least favourite personality types to be around? - don't know yet

If you've taken any other personality tests, included but not limited to tests like the Enneargram and Big 5 (SLOAN), what were your results? ----------

Occupation ~

* Unemployed

What is your education? In college, tell us your major. - I'm studying Business Communications, i guess it's really strange as for INTP :D

What is your dream job?- I don't have one exactly

About You ~

* Tell us in a brief paragraph or two how you would describe yourself and what you hope to get out of this forum. - I want to understand myself more better, to improve, to see advantages of INTP :D because sometimes I hate my character, of course to have fun here

Other ~

What is your favourite section at the toy-store? - I was really long time ago in such store :D
Do you collect anything? - nope
What are your phobias? -
Describe your favourite food until you drool. - roasted fish, roasted potatoes, meat etc.
Some of the things that you give you jollies? - success
What are your top five pet peeves? -
What would a perfect day be like for you? - to win soccer tournament again, one girl to accept to be my girlfriend :D
Do you prefer a vegetarian or meat diet or both? - I like both

Other Other ~ Yay or Nay?

God and Souls - god don't help me I'm fine without you
The Death Penalty - will see...
Premarital Sex - acceptable
People are inherently good - they are nor good nor bad
Destiny - I am able to conquer the world I'm just lazy, so f*ck you destiny
Done drugs - nope
Kissed in the rain - nope :D
Re-reading a good book - The Da Vinci Code

Feel free to ask more :) (sorry for mistakes)

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Greetings VyckaV and welcome to PersonalityCafe!! My name is Mr. CafeBot. I am here to personally greet you and thank you for joining our humble little forum. No matter your type, you will surely experience a wonderful time with the members of this forum. We cater to all personality types so you will never feel alone or weird. Truth is this forum is full of weirdos!! Pleazeee hel.... *Ahem*I mean we have the nicest people you will ever meet. :)

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We will always be glad to help you!

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Again, welcome to our forum VyckaV. We hope that your experience with us is tremendously benevolent!


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Welcome, Vycka of Lithuania!
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A bit more about me. I'm studying now Business Communications. I really like this studies and I'm interested in it especially management and psychology. :) There's not much to say about as I am INTP: people say i should talk more, but I'm not antisocial, because I like to go out with friends, I love football and I play as defender (there's no better sport in the whole world :D ), I like to zone out frequently :D...
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