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Never thought I would do this.

Im kind of an odd duckling, ENTP-5w4.

I have a 26 year old history of being a kid who went from being an inspired chef, donald duck-reader, and failed circus-clown (i got evidence, a scar on my chin from when attempting to bicycle without holding the handlebars), to a hyper-rebellic teenager with a fascination for graffiti, photography, drugs, illegal activities, art, litterature, and hanging out with my friends.

Luckily, I slowly calmed down my wild ways (most of my wild ways), and today I am a perfectly happy person who:
- Just abruptly quit my 3 year old job in a heated argument with my underdeveloped CEO (and yes, I demolished him)
- Just abruptly decided to screw my plans to complete a BBA in International Business (SJ's - improve your systems!*)

Yes, I am very happy. Because now I can focus on:

- Choosing between three jobs** (so far) that can help me continue building my "professional career" (sales prospecting->business development->leadership/entrepreneurship/education/angel-investment/freedom)
- Study some courses in strategic communication, e-commerce, evolutionary theory, and/or knowledge management

Interests have always been circling all-over the humanities and social sciences, but presently they are intensely focused on business, communication, design, derp-animals (like dwarf horses), friends, family, weed, beer, and barbeques.

I am surprised as to how pleased I am that I found this place, lots of interesting and intelligent people here - and on a brilliant platform (thank you, creator(s)!).

* If you happen to be the president of a business school, contact me, i can get you investors and top scientists!.
** Anyone here working for Deltek?

EDIT: Also, I moved to a new country two years ago, so I am an expat as well.

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Welcome to the forum.

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..Hello and welcome, Rethink,

Having read your post, I see you are a well rounded free thinker who is not afraid of sticking up 2 fingers (or 1, because the famous British 2 fingered salute isn't seen the same way in the US) to The Establishment. I think you'll enjoy your time here. My hope is that you will stop short of using that intelligence of yours to whip us all into submission to the point that you have us either begging for mercy or more..I am smiling as I type this but I have to confess, I'm a little scared of you :wink: :happy:
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