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Hello, I've been lurking this site for quite some time this year and finally decided to join.

I'll try to be brief here. A couple of years ago I figured out I was an introvert and actually learned what introvert meant. I was relieved to know about the whole "needing time to recharge" thing. That helped me figure out is best for me to spend quality time with people instead of quantity time.

However, after that I kept reading about personality, trying to figure out why I was still so weird. I learned about MBTI at the beginning of this year and was also relieved to find a type that suited me (INTJ).

After that I just started googling life/personality questions and didn't really had to join any site because a lot of my doubts had already been asked. So I just settled for reading on different personality forums, but this one is the one I ended up liking the most.

I might start my own threads later asking for advice on different subjects (specially time management). Until then, peace out.
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