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I almost tried to give this post an interesting title, but that would have taken time, energy, intuition, and balls. But tit-for-tat, now you don't have to invest energy in responding.

Well, I'll answer this:
19. It's nice if you write an Intro thread to tell us about who are, what you intend to do with us, and maybe post a pic or two so we can stare at you.

Who I am: a college student, anthro major, with 5w4 and ISTJ personality, and performance anxieties.

What I intend to do with you: learn more about Jung's cognitive-process analysis. All the online tests I've taken suggest INTJ and INFP as my personality, and I'd like to find out why they're so wide of the mark (or why my answers might be off-base). But I'm largely using the Enneagram for "self-transformation", since I'm more confident in my placement under that system.

Finals are coming up soon, so I'll perform a more thorough study over summer, but I'd like to say hi now.

Thanks for reading.
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