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As a fellow anxiety sufferer I have to say I felt exactly the same way as you do before I got my first job, and I still feel this way but not as bad. Just like you I was terrified even of going into a shop just to ask for an application form, let alone attend an interview and work there. However, my need to get a job pushed me to do the things I was most afraid of (I had been trying to get a job for about 2 years before I actually got one).

I filled in an online application and had my first proper job interview with Mcdonalds. This was only in November last year. I had the worst interview you could imagine, I kept 'umming' and 'erring' and gave awful answers, but somehow they hired me (I think Mcdonalds just hire anyone really). Aynway I started working in there but it was a hell-hole, specially for someone with anxiety problems. To cut the story short, I quit after 2 weeks as I just couldn't handle it physically or mentally. I gave up and I do regret it. However I don't hold it against myself as I have redeemed myself by sticking with my current job.

I went a few more months unemplyed again before I sent an e-mail to my current employer (a little cafe in an upmarket area). He asked me to come in for an interview and the nerves got the better of me again, I was coming up with all sorts of excuses in my head to not attend; "oh the weather is awful, I can't go out in it", "I'll just pretend I forgot it was today" and a bunch of others. In the end though, I forced myself to do one of the things I was most afraid to do and I went to my interview. It was quite short and rather informal, I just remembered to keep smiling, be polite and friendly and confident in my answers and I guess he liked it because I got the job. Now that was worth all the anxiety!

I am now working there as a waitress, and it gets VERY busy. It's every person who suffers with social anxiety's nightmare: A busy, small place where you're stuck for 10-12 hours a day and you have to go up to, greet and speak to every single person who comes in - it's really daunting. I felt like quitting every day at first, but my financial situation didn't allow me to - so I stuck it out. Believe me when I say that I absolutely hate dealing with people and I get into a nervous wreck even just speaking on the phone to someone - I don't know what to say, how to say it, how to act...I am socially awkward and extremely shy.

Anyway, it's now been about 3 months and I only work there once a week for 10 hours but I have to tell you, it has helped me so much in regards to social anxiety. So I agree with Eros that maybe you just need to push yourself and do the very thing you are afraid to do if you want to overcome it. Start gently though, maybe start off with a part-time job that deals with people and then increase it to full-time when you're ready? I am much better at dealing with people than I used to be (don't get me wrong I still hate it and rather be at home by myself), but now it's not as scary and I can do it if I need to, and you will need to deal with people in life. I don't like my job, and I love quiet days over busy days, but I am grateful that it has taught me how to be better with people if I need to be.
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