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Hey guys!

I've been dating this amazing 3w2 so/sx guy for a few months now. I'm a 7w8 sx/sp, and we seem to compliment each other on a lot of things. The chemistry is definetly there.

I'm pretty intense and sexual, and not good with feelings (ENTP female), so in the beginning I kind of scared him away for a while. Then suddenly he asked me to go hiking, and after that he said "I'm not taking girls I only fuck on a hiking trip". So....I guess he likes me... He's also saying things like "If we ever potensially grow closer together..." etc. Even removes breadcrumbs from my cheek! I have never been in a relationship tho, so Im a total n00b at this...

I cant get myself to say that I really, really like him, and I feel that I will scare him away if I say it as it is. Right now we're having a break since I had a meltdown and acted impulsively, texting him "Contact me when your not tired of me"... Our relation seems to be super-intense at times, and then suddenly he's super-busy and distant and I get the feeling that he's getting tired of my intensity... So then I push him away because I'm scared to like him too much (i also told him that).

Cus i cant manage to believe that this amazing guy actually wants ME, when he can have anyone! He keeps telling me to be cool, but I have never, and will NEVER be a cool person when it comes to intense feelings!

So please guys.... I want to reach out and explain that I really really like him.
Was thinking of writing "I'm sorry, I'm scared because I like you" to explain my behaviour.

What do you think? ANY advice on this is appreciated !!! <3
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