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Help! I can't decide how to draw this

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Nose Face Cheek Hand Facial expression

Okay so I'm drawing me and two friends(well heavily stylized versions) like this but I can't decide who's who

Me: INFP 4w5
Friend #1: ENTP 8w7
Friend #2: ISFJ 6w5
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ENTP mocking her by holding up the bunny ears but in a playful way
ENTP 8w7 - Top one. No doubt.
so the consensus so far is ENTP is definitely the middle one for sure that makes sense lol
probably wishes they were alone in their room right now.
I literally do, all the time
btw good drawing!
I thought so too lol thats why I chose it off the internet (Mine won't look near as good lol)
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100% this.

Upset INFP: Angry enough to burn the world down and the ENTP with it, but too worried about ENTP's feelings to slap her hand away.😂
way too true
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@Lorraine01 show us some of ur other completed art
Here's some of my best work so far


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