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If you help me figure out my personality type, I'll write you your very own personalized haiku! You know you want one. ^^

Anyway, here are my answers from the What's My Personality Type questionaire.

1. Click on this link:
Flickr: Explore! Look at the random photo for about 30 seconds. Copy and paste it here, and write about your impression of it.
Sky Atmospheric phenomenon Sea Wave Morning

I think this photo’s title, “Autumn Has Arrived”, is very representative of what it depicts. Like autumn, the colors of the photograph are somewhat subdued and less vibrant than the bright, warm colors associated with spring and summer. Despite this relative lack of color, it should be noted that there is still some color in the photograph—it is not entirely white and gray, which are colors often used to portray winter. A mist or fog shrouds the scene, which gives the photograph a more mysterious look, and which may also indicate moisture.

2. You are with a group of people in a car, heading to a different town to see your favourite band/artist/musician. Suddenly, the car breaks down for an unknown reason in the middle of nowhere. What are your initial thoughts? What are your outward reactions?

I would wonder why the car broke down—was the fuel tank empty? Did we get a flat tire? Or was the problem deeper? I’d also feel disappointed that we’d probably be late for the concert. Outwardly, I might ask what happened and if anyone knows why—maybe try to find out the reason if no one knows.

3. You somehow make it to the concert. The driver wants to go to the afterparty that was announced (and assure you they won't drink so they can drive back later). How do you feel about this party? What do you do?

I would feel uncomfortable about the party—I’m much more comfortable in smaller groups with people I know well. I might suggest an alternative idea such as going to the movies or the mall. If I had to go the party, I probably would try to stick with talking to people I knew while there.

4. On the drive back, your friends are talking. A friend makes a claim that clashes with your current beliefs. What is your inward reaction? What do you outwardly say?

Inwardly, I’d think of why I disagree. Outwardly, I’d try to phrase this inward thought more politely by saying something along the lines of, “Well, don’t you think _______?” Or, “I actually think that ______________” and I’d try to explain the reasons why I don’t agree.

5. What would you do if you actually saw/experienced something that clashes with your previous beliefs, experiences, and habits?

I’d realize that other people think and act differently than I do. That’s okay. Not everyone’s the same person and not everyone has to have the same beliefs, habits, etc. that I have.

6. What are some of your most important values? How did you come about determining them? How can they change?

I value hard work and determination, logical thinking, inquisitiveness, thoughtfulness, fairness, open-mindedness, and generosity. I’m not sure why; these are traits I’ve just somehow decided are valuable while growing up.

7. a) What about your personality most distinguishes you from everyone else? b) If you could change one thing about you personality, what would it be? Why?

a)I don’t know. I am of the belief that I am a very generic person and not unique at all. But anyway, one thing that kind of makes me different from my group of friends (who all happen to be pretty smart people) is that I like to really understand why things happen. If we’re learning about chemistry, my friends might just be okay with understanding what the textbook says. I, on the other hand, tend to ask a lot of questions about why this and why that and how does that work. I like to really understand things. I also just like to learn about a lot of things in general.
b) I wish I were better at talking to people I don’t know well. I’m really friendly and talkative once people get to know me, but I’m more quiet around big groups of people I don’t know. I also procrastinate a ton, which I wish I didn't do.

8. How do you treat hunches or gut feelings? In what situations are they most often triggered?

I usually consider my gut instincts but don’t make important huge decisions based off of them. I’d try to determine whether my hunches are right or wrong first before making decisions based off of them. I’m not sure when my gut instincts are most often triggered.

9. a) What activities energize you most? b) What activities drain you most? Why?

a) I really get energized when I figure out a problem I was stuck on or figure out how something works.
b) I get drained when people ignore me or when I feel isolated. I don’t know why. I also feel drained when I’m doing participating in some activity I have no talent in (drawing, sports).

10. What do you repress about your outward behavior or internal thought process when around others? Why?

I can be critical of other people and their work; however, I’ve learned to repress this feeling and to just go with the flow more.

For the human metrics jung typology test, my results were:

  • [*=left]You have marginal or no preference of Extraversion over Introversion (1%)

    [*=left]You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (50%)

    [*=left]You have slight preference of Thinking over Feeling (12%)

    [*=left]You have slight preference of Perceiving over Judging (22%)

So that would be xNTP, I guess.

Thanks for your help! To redeem your free haiku, just type in the desired subject of your haiku! :DD

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It would be helpful if you could give us an example of your results in an MBTI test, but anyway my first thought is that you are ISTx.. I need to think about the last letter.

And I don't know what a haiku is xD

EDIT: Or is it INTx?
but I'm sure it's IxTx

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I took the human metrics test, and got xNTP.

I also took the 16 Personality Types quiz, and I got ENTP.

Your Preferences:
Introversion (I): 37.5%
Extroversion (E): 55.17%
Sensation (S): 72.73%
Feeling (F): 24%
Perceiving (P): 76%

I then took the Keirsey Temperament sorter and got ISFP, though, so I'm sort of confused.

Oh, and haikus are those poems with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the third line, and 5 syllables in the last line. They're kind of fun. ;D

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I'd say INTP. (Those tests are rarely accurate. Self-diagnosis, ironically, is a much more productive use of your time.)

If you were an ENTP, the Ne would be really obvious. Instead, I look at your post, and all I see are indications of Ti.

If you want more information, you'll need to ask some questions or do a free-write (those are more helpful to we Perceivers than the questionnaires are).

Also, don't trust anything that comes from Keirsey. Just don't. He doesn't use the functions very well, and his books sell an inaccurate, pop-psychology version of MBTI. The psychologist from whom I learned the most about MBTI disagrees with just about everything he says and has logical arguments about why, and even before I ran into her, I didn't like Keirsey's theories. They generalize too much and dilute the information to the point where it isn't usable. In fact, if you study Keirsey and then try to study more accurate, elaborate typing theory, Keirsey will confuse you because the two theories will contradict each other.
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