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Just for fun, I don't need the "we're-not-psychologists" thing, I've just been trying to figure this out for several years and I don't think getting him to take a test would be terribly effective because a lot of the questions are kind of redundant or useless (ex. Do you prefer to read a book at home than go to a party? Well, no, because he doesn't like reading, but he'd probably pass on the party to surf YouTube for new music or work out).

He is probably an I. He tends toward introverted thinking and "escaping" from people, and always says that he prefers to spend time by himself.
He is very gregarious and loud and funny when he's with his close friends, sitting around having a good time, or at a party, that sort of thing. He does keep some emotions to himself, but not all of them - He is awkward at trying to relay emotions about another person, like the way that a girl makes him feel or why he stopped talking to somebody. He has tried to, and ends up fumbling on his words or just being totally unable to articulate what he wants to, so he reverts to "kinesthetic mode" and just runs his fingers through your hair instead, or shrugs his shoulders and lights a cigarette.
He thinks about his future a lot, but doesn't necessarily form any kind of solid plan. Like, just recently, he spontaneously decided to move out west to work. He left yesterday, and made the decision like a week before. A few months before that, he moved out of his apartment in the city to live out in the country side. He seems to have a constant draw to "get away" - Just for the sake of having something new, or getting away from whatever is irritating him in his current situation.
People tend to like him and enjoy spending time with him, but only a small handful of people ever really get close enough to know him on a fundamental level.
He retreats in situations of stress. I said something to him like five months ago that had nothing to do with him, but he interpreted it as a hint that I didn't want to hang out with him anymore, so he cut off all contact with me, until like last week when he told me he'd be moving to Alberta. He has a tendency to be self-abasing and self-conscious, but not openly so. He avoids talking personally - About what he wants for himself, or how he feels. Instead, he'll talk about his friends new band or a TV show he found. He's a "shower". He likes to show people new music, or TV shows, or funny videos.
He's tidy with his possessions, but disorganized with his life. He generally is always employed but he often leaves jobs once he gets bored with them to set something else up for himself. He's like that with everything, really - Easily bored, hopping from thing to thing all the time.
He has a lot of thoughts about how the world is, but no desire to do anything about it or really any passion about the things he observes in the world. He takes note of different social phenomenons, hypothesizes about different events that turn up in the news, but he is never phased by them and doesn't really express any sort of care, only an interest in piecing together the puzzle in his mind. Even if he were to solve the puzzle, he probably wouldn't bring it to anyone's attention - I think he just gets enjoyment out of thinking about things.
All of his jobs have been physical / manual jobs. They probably always will be. He dropped out of high school, since got his GED but academics was not the kind of thinking he enjoys doing. He likes to think about how things got to be the way that they are, and what "the problem" is. But, again, never has any desire to solve the problem, especially if it's irrelevant to his own life.
I asked him a while ago what he cared about, because I really didn't know. I have causes that I champion, as an INFP. xNFJ's I know spend their lives caring about the people close to them and making sure their friends and family are happy. I didn't know what he cared about.
He said, "Getting my life together".
As far as conflict goes, when he was a teenager he was confrontational and got into show-offy fights with other guys, probably mostly for the ego boost, trying to be funny or look like a boss, etc. Likewise as a teenager he was incredibly manipulative and controlling, and promiscuous. He appears to have grown up a little since then - He hasn't been in a relationship for a couple years now, and he scolded a friend of his for cheating on his girlfriend. He also just seems to let things that offend him kind of slide off, now - Or, perhaps, just avoids putting himself in situations that have the potential to get him very upset. One way or another, he hasn't blown up at anyone or really argued at all in a long time.
His value system really doesn't appear to be something that is terribly important to him. I'm not sure I could even really tell you what he values, and I've known him quite well for about six years. If I had to guess it would be loyalty, but not necessarily dedication - More loyalty in the mafia kind of have-your-brothers-back kind of way. I think he would probably say that he wants a stable existence, but every time he gets one he grows discontented with it because he feels it getting stagnant, so he has to throw himself somewhere else and change things up.
He tends to be intuitive about people and their intentions. He rarely puts himself in situations where he could get screwed over, and he doesn't get walked on my people, because he's a good judge of character. He's also very perceptive about feelings and emotions in others, and thus quite good at manipulating them, if he feels he wants to.

Potential theories:
An ESTP without the get-up-and-go

Probably not, and why:
ISTJ - He is indifferent about rules and regulations and will break them as he sees fit. He quit a job, once, because his manager was talking to him too long so he missed the opportunity to go for a ride in the truck.. << Structure is of little concern to him. He's also quite terrible at getting things finished.
INFP - He doesn't give even a little bit of a shit about changing the world or following his value system. His room is clean. :p
ESTJ - Doesn't assume leadership roles and doesn't really care if anything gets done. Not a model citizen by any means, or particularly social.
xSFJ - Doesn't feel responsible for others, and doesn't try to protect people's feelings. Not nurturing whatsoever. Awkward with his own feelings.
ENTJ - Not a leader, not career-focused, not ambitious. Doesn't care or get upset if someone's opinion is completely different from his own and has an easy time accepting the fact that not everyone will agree with him or see the world like he does. Not decisive.
xNFJ - His life doesn't revolve around his relationships with people, or caring for others. His life revolves around himself and his life story and the people who are involved in that story are not as important as occurrences, trips or events.
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