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Hi everyone,

I've tried numerous different MBTI tests which all came back saying I was an INFJ. However, I recently tried a slightly different test (Keys 2 Cognition) which apparently examines how well you use each of the cognitive functions and got an INTJ result. The actual results are also a bit strange considering the difference between an INFJ and INTJ.

As far as I understand, it is unusual for an INFJ to mistype as an INTJ. How does one reduce the degree of error inherent in self-administered personality tests such as Myers-Briggs? I like to think I would be fairly honest in how I answer the questions but I also know the questions have to answered relative to how all other people of varying personalities would respond to various situations.

I'm guessing my particular circumstances growing up elicited the unusual development of one or two functions which you wouldn't usually expect for an INTJ or INFJ (it seems my Fe is quite high for INTJ or alternatively my Te for an INFJ).
I've tried the Big Five test which is apparently quite solid as a psychometric test and scored quite highly for neuroticism so I do think issues with depression, anxiety would skew my results and perhaps give a somewhat accurate result.

If anyone could explain the difference between an INTJ and an INFJ I'd appreciate it. Is a hybrid form possible? I don't feel either the description of an INTJ or INFJ fully fits (as much as it is possible for a generic type to fit any individual). T

Lastly, I've read quite a bit on personality types, psychology, etc and think I may well be unconsciously manipulating how I answer tests to acquire a desired result (i.e I can know more or less what specific questions on a test allude to). What are some additional fool-proof ways of assessing myself?

Extraverted Sensing- Se- 10.5 (unused)
Introverted Sensing- Si- 24.9 (average use)
Extraverted Intuiting- Ne- 30 (average use)
Introverted Intuiting- Ni- 47.2 (excellent use)
Extraverted Thinking- Te- 34 (good use)
Introverted Thinking- Ti- 19.5 (limited use)
Extraverted Feeling- Fe- 31.1 (good use)
Introverted Feeling- Fi- 43 (excellent use)

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Hybrid is absolutely possible, these results suggest INFJ to me but I don't believe in the cognitive functions stack everyone else does, and the difference between the two is INFJs prefer to make decisions based on the personal values of themselves and others - sometimes this is at odds with what makes logical, objective sense and INTJs prefer to make decisions based on what makes logical sense - sometimes at the expense of their own or other people's personal values.
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