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I'm confused of what my type is.
Yesterday, I thought I was ESFJ, but when I started looking more into functions, I had been like "Wait what?" because I was thinking this...
I thought I was Fe, Fi, Ne, Ni, Ti, Si.
I had gone even more in, and sort of narrowed down to Fi Ne Si Te. Apart from the order, anyway. But then I was thinking I was Se Ni.
I had thought my ordering was of what ESFP's is, Se Fi Te Ni. So, I looked into that, and sort of related to it.
But here's the kinks. 1) I'm an Aspie (Asperger's Syndrome). 2) I have social anxiety/phobia. 3) I've been acting like the opposite of myself for five or six years because of a situation in fourth grade that affected me more than I thought.
So, how I went with that is that I'm opposite of my (definite)INTJ dad.
But I wanted to check with ENFP just in case, and I relate to that too.
So, I wanted to check and see if ENFP's opposite, ISTJ, fits what I've been acting like for the past five to six years. It does. A lot.
But my problem is, I don't focus on "What could be". Actually, I suck at "What If" situations.
And I would say that I am pretty focused on the present, or my surroundings.
For example, when I have nothing to do (i.e. at the doctor's office and waiting for her to come to see me), and I'm laying down, I stare at the ceiling and notice that the "popcorn" on the ceiling makes specific images. Or, my shower's tiles are marbled, and I see images in them. (I swear one of those is a vampire unicorn.) Actually, I see shapes in patterns so much. And usually, the shapes end up making me be led off into my own little world. Cars, I've always seen them as with eyes, and that they have their own faces. Many other inatimate objects make me end up going off into my own little world because they make me think about the shapes, which leads off to similar things. (The hand on those m&m dudes make me think of mickey mouse, and that leads me off to Disney related thoughts...)
But I definitely come up with ideas a lot, and easily. Actually, ideas are a strong quality for me. ^^
And this isn't the first time I've been wondering if I'm Senser or Intuitive... A month ago, I was wondering if I was ENFJ or ESFJ. I just didn't have functions on my side was all. ^^

Anyway, by what I described, do I seem more Se or Ne?


Another thing I'm having an issue with is Percieving vs Judging...
I understand all the differences, like Perceiving are more spontanious and don't really like schedules and are disorganized, while Judgers plan and prefer a more schedules enviroment with being organized.
However, I'm having difficulty figuring out: Am I judging, or am I percieving?
The thing with my Asperger's: I have a tendency to prefer scheduled and structured enviroments and hate change, and I want things to be organized, I just have issues with doing so.
However, I can't seem to click with any of the Judger types properly. (Minus what I've been acting like for the past few years, ISTJ).
And I'm definitely extroverted. Actually, if anything, I drain my own energy, feeling better after socializing or any other physical activity. Then, I care too much about others' feelings, and my own, over facts to be thinking. Plus, I hate conflict and critisism too much, and I express my feelings better than other Aspies. It might just be that I'm a girl, though. ^^ But I'm pretty strongfelt about being a feeler, nonetheless.

So, does anyone have advice?
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