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Hello people and thank you for your help! Not English-speaker.

1. When working on a project where do you place your emphasis? the process of putting it together? or the final product? (Do you experiment with your perspectives to create ideas? )
A: I focus on the process and how are we going to do it, the steps, who is going to do what, etc.

2. Are you a realist? Are you more of a no nonsense type of person? (I find these people like to call bullshit on everything)
A: I think I am a realist but sometimes I like a little of philosophical talk or hypothesis. But, in books for example, I prefer everything literal and simple, I hate things like Nietzsche and finding the hidden meaning of every word.

3. Would you say you make decisions quickly? or do you take a while coming to a conclusion, because you hope you're not missing some vital information that will change your mind?
A: I am -ULTRA- indecisive and put a lot of time in finding what I want and why, what are the choices, etc.

4. Do you ever experience nostalgia? For instance being able to completely remember a mood of a past experience/time?
A: No, maybe sometimes. I think about the future.

5. Are you of the rebellious sort? The sort who rebels for no reason other than to rebel against authority?
A: No, I will only rebel if I feel as though my values have been compromised or if I feel it is an injustice but in general I am very conformist and good citizen.

6. When watching a film and critiquing it? Do you critique it based on details in the film, for instance on how you thought a certain portion of it was un-realistic (or something along those lines) or based on the idea or point they were trying to get across/how well they got it across? (It can be a combination of both sometimes too) (an example would be for example, critiquing Passion of the Christ, do you think the movies retarded because no one can live as long as he did with that much blood loss, or because of the fundamental errors the movie makes when trying to make its point, and the way it tries to connect the audience to that point?)
A: I am not really that critical of movies but very focused to certain portion of it like for example, if that part was unrealistic.

7. When debating with others, do you ever get the feeling or state for that matter, that you can see where your opponent is coming from? For instance I have gotten into arguments over things I honestly don't believe (or could care less if it were true), but it all started when someone would tell me about a certain topic and how this certain stance is stupid. Then I would say well, I can see why they'd think that or how it could be possible, then they'd start arguing with me as if I had a stake in it.... Do you feel you do anything like that?
A: I -don't like- getting in arguments with others but will get in an argument if I feel that something is important enough to argue (usually if a statement violates my values I will engage in debate, or if I think something is being done inefficiently I may get into a debate). I may sympathize with an opponents' viewpoint if I can relate to it in some way, but I may not always be able to see where they are coming from.

8. Do you notice symbols in the world, do you ever try and wrap the symbol back to an idea that you believe?]
A: No.

9. Are you hurt by criticisms? Do you get personally offended when people try and criticize you? or are you thick skinned?
A: I can be very easily hurt by criticism, especially if it is not constructive. Or I can get hurt if someone who matters to me makes the criticism. I am thin-skinned.

10. Say for example your learning about cameras in school, would you be more inclined to go home right away and read a whole shit load on cameras so you feel confident in your knowledge of cameras? or would you feel perfectly comfortable when the teacher calls on people to come try it out, to just hop up there and start using it?
A: If I didn't know much about cameras I think I would read an instruction manual on cameras just to make sure that I kind of know what to do. I don't like not being prepared.

11. When you are out do you worry about how people will interpret any action you take? (sort of in a seinfeld sort of way, where they over analyze actions people make, trying to find their true motivation) Do you feel a sort of pressure from this?
A: 100% I am very conscious about my body, my movements, who is watching, I am -very- observer of my environment.

12. In a classroom setting do you ever find yourself helping other people out with projects or homework when you see their struggling? Do you do this to make yourself feel more comfortable?
A: Yes but sometimes. I don't do this to make my feel more comfortable, but rather because I feel like it's the right thing to do--helping others out in their time of need.

13. Do you find yourself ranting to your friends about how a certain something could have been done way easier? Or how someone went about doing something (anything like a project,work,etc.) was really stupid and you could have done it way better and in a more simple fashion?
A: Usually, no. I don't like to interfere.

14. how does your average day go in general,
A: The same. Sleep, bathroom, train, work, breakfast, work, lunch, work, train, shower, dinner, misc (games, movies, series, books, study), sleep.

15. what things do you value the most,
A: Family and my personal values and virtues, and less, work.

16. what things regularly bug you,
A: People rejecting me. People I care telling me that I am doing something wrong but telling me that in a bad way. Angry people. Bullying. Injustice.

17. what do you value most in other people and what qualities do you find most repulsive in others,
A: -Goodness-, loyalty, friendship, intelligence.

18. how do you evaluate people in general,
A: I tend not to judge but I do it anyway. I am usually pretty accepting of other people and will have a good opinion of almost everyone, unless I end up accumulating a lot of facts through negative interactions with these people (or observations of these people in their interactions with others). Lately I have been working on trying to be less judgmental of others, because I got really badly hurt by some of the judgments people made about me by others. When it comes to the workplace I might evaluate people on how well they do their job based on how good their products are, but I would also be very care to take in subjective measures as well (like what factors might impact how someone's work turned out as it did). I have a hard time trying to evaluate people because I want to be sure of my judgments, and this can make me very wishy-washy.

19. how do you arrive at your decisions,
A: I am -ULTRA- indecisive and put a lot of time in finding what I want and why, what are the choices, etc. Sometimes I do a list of pro and cons but usually I don't follow that list.

20. what factors are you most likely to pay attention to when deciding on things.
A: Usually, what feels right to me and my values.

21. Any peculiarities that you have noticed about your personality?
I am very quiet, I can talk a lot but only if someone talk to me first. I like technology, and I am very computer guy but not to the geek or nerd level. I like to be alone and prefer meetings with a few people. I hate talking with a lot of strangers, that give me a lot of anxious at first but later it's ok. I follow a little of stoic philosophy. I'm very fan of movies, cine and series. I read a lot. I hate accounting and I don't like math and physics. I like literature, sociology, philosophy(somethings), chemistry, a little of biology.

22. Anything that makes you stand out from other people that you know?
A: My appearance is a mix of Count Orlok, Lovecraft and someone young (young face).

23. What do you yourself think are your strengths and weaknesses?
A: Strengths: Loyalty, honesty, kindness, worker if I feel it, very very very observant, strong attention to details like numbers in a excel sheet. Perfectionist in somethings. I help when I can and I feel it, special with my family or friends, organized but no to the perfection.

Weaknesses: Not assertive--I'm passive until I explode at times--. I have the worst memory ever. I can't think of the big picture because I always forget something. Sensitive to criticism but sometimes. Not a leader, I prefer to follow. Conformist. Not spontaneous. Not initiator, people have to tell me what I have to do sometimes.

Thank you!

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Well, Adrian88, after reading your personality questionnaire, I have concluded that you're an ISFP. You get energy from your privacy, you gather information through facts, you make decisions through your feelings, and you live a flexible life style. As an ISFP, you have a live and let live attitude. I feel you should read more about ISFP to learn about yourself more. I'm 100% sure that you're an ISFP no doubt in my mind about it.
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