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I’m having the hardest time typing my best friend. Maybe because she’s so unique and amazing I feel like she doesn’t entirely fit any of the types.
I’m an INFP by the way, and I feel like we’re very similar, so she might be an INFP too, but I think we do differ in some aspects and in the way we think, so it's very possible that she's another type. Anyway, here are some facts about her:

When she and I are around others, she usually talks very little (definitely less than me). When we’re alone, it’s about 50/50.
She has a small circle of close friends.
She’s definitely introverted. There’s no way she’s an E type, 100% sure of it.
She takes care of others A LOT. She’s had jobs e.g. in hospitals, and she takes care of older relatives and family friends who need help, babysits her friends' children, never complaining about it, doing it 100% voluntarily. She actually often prioritizes these things above hanging out with her friends.
When a friend of hers died, she told me she had this feeling that they were with her afterwards. And she's had weird "psychic" moments several times where she knew that a patient at the hospital would die the next day. Creepy stuff, but she was right.
She’s very creative, she writes, paints, and plays several instruments. And I think she can sing but she won’t sing in front of other people, even close friends.
She often starts telling me stuff like, “I went to Alison’s the other day and ...” when I have no idea who Alison is.
She dresses in a very unique way. Fashion people would not approve.
She sometimes has the sense of humor of a perverted boy going through puberty, but she only shows that around close friends.
She doesn’t talk much, but she has amazing comebacks that I never would have thought of when people are being rude or trying to make her uncomfortable.
We have an understanding for each other that I have never experienced with any other friend, family member or romantic partner.
She has little to no interest in politics, doesn’t watch the news or read the paper.
Sometimes I just won’t hear from her for a month simply because she didn’t remember to check her e-mails. She also doesn’t own a smartphone and doesn’t plan on getting one.
She knows less about computers and tech-y stuff than the average person.
Family is very important to her.
She does not really have an urge to travel much. She prefers just being with her loved ones to going on adventures.
She can get really invested in fictional stories, like books/films etc.
Her room is insanely messy. There’s so much stuff lying around, sometimes you can’t even see the floor. I’m not exaggerating.
She wasn’t that good at school, and doesn’t want to go to university. She’s not the academic, ambitious, career-driven type, at all. She cares more about doing something to help others.
Money and materialistic things don’t matter to her.
She only truly opens up about her feelings to very few people.
It’s easier for her to express herself through writing.

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She's definitely IxFx, I agree with that. I can see how you would think she's an ISFJ, however, I have several other friends who I am 90% sure are ISFJs, and she's just completely different from them, definitely not a traditionalist (SJ).
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