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typing my family members has been like the hardest thing for me. i'm curious, so any opinions would be great.

I'll start with what i think is the easiest one:

Older sister (21):
growing up she bossed me around a lot. she enjoyed being the center of attention
we used to make movies, plays, or stories together. she was always being creative and loved to perform.
wanted to be an actress for sometime
she read a lot growing up
VERY studious, took school very seriously
first went to school to study accounting, but transferred and is now about to graduate for psychology.
she will make a GREAT psychologist. she is one of the only people i feel comfortable talking about my problems to.
she is friendly with everyone and has always had a lot of friends that she's very close to.
Sometimes she seems too nice, almost a "fake" niceness, even if it's to people i know she doesn't like - though i know she's genuinely nice. she just wants to make people happy.
she doesn't like "mainstream" things very much. she is fashionable, but in her own way. she is somewhat of a trend-setter. she likes obscure names and people.. she is a bit of a "hipster", though not very extreme.
She's an idealist when it comes to dating. she has high standards because she is very against "dating someone just to date" she needs to really feel something for them.
her relationships seem to be the most important thing to her, always have been.

my guess: ENFJ. I'm pretty positive about this, but if someone thinks differently, give me reasons why

here's a hard one: my younger brother (18)
Growing up he always wanted to be around people, but he has never been extremely outgoing
i remember he was never interested in reading or anything like that
natural talent for drawing, painting, and music.
more athletic than me, but definitely not a jock or anything.
used to skateboard and play hockey all the time. still snowboards sometimes, but he really doesn't seem very interested in sports anymore.
he is more comfortable taking physical risks than me. he doesn't ever worry about getting hurt, and when he does he isn't discouraged.
He has always been pretty generous.
I am almost certain that he has OCD or some kind of anxiety disorder.
he has had problems with anorexia, even though he has never been fat or even average. he's always been skinny.
a few years ago he began to take school VERY seriously. he's not as bad as he used to be, but he studies much more than necessary.
He has always had some kind of big goal that he's working towards. Getting signed in a band, getting into a great university, etc. I think the OCD-tendencies come from him getting so caught up in his goals.
he has an incredible memory with dates, and describes it in a way that makes me think he has synesthesia of some sort.
He studies things over and over again, and seems to be more detail-oriented than I am.
sometimes he seems to be manipulative with his friends.
he likes to mess with people
some people see him as being too serious. some of our mutual friends say that we are COMPLETELY different, though i feel we're more similar than most people think. he is one of my best friends.

so, any guesses on this? I really have no idea. growing up he seemed a lot like an SP but now there's really no way i could see that..

Little sister (14):
was a tom-boy growing up. she has recently become more girly, but she gets along with guys and girls alike.
she's very funny and definitely has my random sense of humor.
she really enjoys being active, but also has her lazier days.
"live and let live" attitude.
LOVES animals, especially dogs
She used to wear a crown and cape wherever she went.
doesn't really seem interested in school except for the social aspects.
i don't think she minds being by herself, and sometimes it seems like she would rather. but she isn't shy, though she kind of was growing up.
She is not very expressive with negative emotions, she doesn't come off as sensitive.
My guess: ISFP. she is independent, loves animals, friendly, and carefree. She is very lovable which is something i would say about every ISFP i know.
I'm really not sure, though. 14 is pretty young and i could also see her being an N or maybe even a T. any thoughts?

if this gets any replies then i'll try my parents also haha.

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I'd love to help you, but I'd rather not type persons indirectly... If you do have any specific details you can't make up your mind on though, I wouldn't mind helping you think it through...

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Can you relay more of like how your conversation goes and how you see you brother and younger sis make decisions? Things like "he has problems with anorexia" or "he plays sports" or "he decided to study hard" don't really help - this can be applied to very many teenagers :tongue: What would you say are their unique qualities that distinguish them from other people?
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